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September 2012 TOTM - Doing Your Own Work

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We all own a Explorer or two, ranger or two, explorer and ranger ect. and I know we have some pictures of us getting the work done or the rig on stands just tore apart. The September 2012 TOTM contest is: Doing your own work work on your truck. (Ex. spark plug change, oil change, axle swap, body damage control, to waxing.)

You will until the end of the month to get some pictures in.

Dont forget:

Announcement will be made describing the TOTM theme. Members will then have a 4 week period of time to post there submission. (For example: On 08/01 a thread will be started for the nominations. On 09/01 you will have 5 days to vote on the previous submissions (date will vary depending on when the 1st is). This way each winning member will receive a month to be the TOTM.)

One picture per member.

Anyone is welcome to submit a picture (Admins, Mods, & Members).

You may change your pictures if you like. Just do it before the time is up.

All entries must be of a Ford Explorer, Sport Trac, Mercury Mountaineer, Mazda Navajo, Ect. Go by the what the forum is for guys. Please don’t post pictures of your non-RBV's as your submission. There will be special times for you to do that.

You may submit any picture of anyones rig that is on this forum. (UPDATED 05/08/2012) Hope this helps you out.

Also do not Photoshop your rig to make it better but you can blank the license plate if you wish.

There will be a thread for submissions in which three pictures will be chosen at random. Then these three pictures will be put into a "Final Voting Thread" in which the entire forum will be able to choose this months winner. This ramdom voting will be done by giving each picture a number that I will know only. Then I will "PM" a random member here and have them choose three numbers from the list that will be given to them. The numbers will not be linked to their post number.

Thanks Guys,

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Dreaming BIG


Kert, I really don't think those tiny dolly wheels will be very effective in the dirt. Jus' sayin'


Here's a couple of mine, modified ARB winch bumper and custom tube skid plate install on my '03 ST XLT (not done yet), 1st and only in the world swing out tire carrier built onto a ST, rearend rebuild and swap, cladding and bumper paint job. I'm usually working on the truck by myself so I don't have many action shots.

Oops, only one, ok.


Here is mine when doing my tube doors and a few other things (rewiring some engine bay stuff).


Somehow... no matter how underpowered a 4.0 is, I just don't think you are going to be much of an upgrade for your truck... Although, you do seem happier in there than that engine was.

..:shifty_ey ..There's got to be more people who are doing their own work on their trucks...

..A picture proves it...:biggthump

..I like Xeek's Enthusiasm...:D


New rack and pinion and some suspension freshening along with trimming to fit 35x12.5s. Work was done in January. All of it has held up an amazing eight months! (knock on wood)

I've been working on the X today (building a rear bumper).. I managed to take a pic after reaching the point of no return..


removing extra metal -1 by maniak_az, on Flickr


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Home made transmission jack. Installing the first 4x4 A4LD in Red Flyer I.


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