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PATS reset? 1998 Explorer V8 - Help?

Well, I replaced the PATS exciter ring/halo in the ignition, which cleared PATS code B1232 and B1681, and was able to successfully program new keys with FORScan.

I also confirmed what I knew to be true: PATS disables the fuel pump. As soon as I fixed PATS and got the keys working, the fuel pump instantly started priming, and I was able to start the truck.

It's now running, and I can move on to other issues and getting it fixed up.

^ Glad it's working now but what is the evidence that PATS disabled the fuel pump opposed to the conventional knowledge that PATS disables the fuel injectors? Do you have an aftermarket security system? I have heard of european vehicles with an inline module that also disables the fuel pump, but not on factory stock, north american 2nd gens.

My evidence is my experience.

Two Gen2 Explorers and an '02 Mustang, all no fuel pump activity until a PATS issue was resolved.

More details on those experiences in this post (post #10):