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please help, check engine light


May 10, 2001
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Pepperell, MA
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'96 XLT
I have the check engine light on in my '96 XLT with code P0420 (cat. operating below threshhold).

I have replaced the sensor at the cat. exit and the problem still exists. Is there anything else I can try before I have to change the cat. converter? Ford says $1,100 for the part!! ouch!

Please help


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How many miles do you have on your Explorer and what does your warranty booklet say about your warranty? On my '97 my cat is warranted for 8 years / 80 K miles.

I have 86k. Just past warranty.

Ouch, that sucks. I would definately get a second opinion from an exhaust shop before paying $1000 at the dealer for a cat. They are expensive, but I doubt if anyone else is more expenive than the dealer. Good luck.

Could one of the upstream O2 sensors or the MAF sensor or the fuel pressure regulator be the cause of the P0420 code?