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Shake from 60 to 70 2002 EXPLORER

If you put it up in the air the limited slip kicks in and it wobbles it won’t work. Would the rear end cause this type of shaking if it was rebuilt 3 times 2 different people could not get it right it stills whines.

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Well I have now changed had the tires rebalanced and its still there, changed the front U joint and its still there. One thing my friend did noticed was that one of the tie rods had a ware mark on it, he could not find what it was rubbing against but it is there. All that’s left it tie rods and bushings and that a hefty cost. I guess Ford was right when they said your just chasing ghosts with this problem.

I know you had the wheels road force balanced several times, but have any of the techs actually reported that they had to rotate the tire on the rim to compensate for any irregularities in the tire?

What about runout in the rim?

Here's a good article:

The tech all said the tires are fine no shakes or out of round. Just had it aligned and all parts in the front were solid no problems with them, also had U joint changed. Could the whistle from the rear end cause this type of shake although I feel its coming from the front. What about a steering rack that was replaced but vehicle drives straight as an arrow and smooth as hell up to 61MPH then shake? The ghost just wont show it self. No i dont have a AWD dyno in my area.

My mechanic demonstrated that my rear diff needed repair by raising the truck on a lift, putting it in gear and getting it up to about 20 or 30 mph. You could hear the grinding coming from the housing. Put your hand on it and feel all the friction. So that's an easy way to tell. I think with the low speeds you should be all right with the previously mentioned concerns.

With mine, while driving it just felt like an overall friction like a wheel bearing was bad. It was high frequency vibration, not so much a shake. A shake in my opinion is a lower frequency.

If you are concerned with the rear diff, drain the fluid and peer in with a flashlight.

how are the shocks? How old?
i've found with mine, shocks will seem OK, but they can wear out such that the 'classic' tests don't work.

shocks look to be original would that cause a shake at 60 though? 77K miles on it.

shocks look to be original would that cause a shake at 60 though? 77K miles on it.

I believe for my '04 they are. But i've noticed the vibs change depending on what road/what lane i'm in. When my shocks wore out, i inspected them to find that at the bottom on the bore, there was no resistance, i could push/pull the shock by hand. If you ever held a new one you can't even come close to pushing it by hand. I think, I'm feeling the small variations in the road. Just a thought?

If it's completely blown, you can turn it upside down, and the piston just drops. :p

Update - had tires rebalanced and rotated shake got worse they checked the entire front end and nothing wrong they can see. is it possible that even though the tires check out that it is the tires? Also had U-joint replaced in front I definitely feel it in the front along with the shake I feel at low speeds a buzz in the steering wheel not allot but its there, could a bad steering rack cause this the vehicle drives straight as an arrow no shake until 61 MPH

Update: Shake still there after I spent more money on Front end alignment they said all parts good. I pulled my 2 sled snowmobile trailer with a capon it and all hell broke loose. Shook very bad at 50, dropped off the sleds and it still shook very bad. Without the sleds there is no weight there. I can pull a single steel trailer with lift gate with a 425 CC ATV on it and no shake at any speed. Ford looked at it and said it was Pinion angle, I just find it really had to believe that is what is causing it. I have the large tow hitch not the small one. If it is how you can compensate for that or what is the fix. I can’t move the sleds up or back no room

Vibration at around 100km/hr

I had this problem and finally solved it.

I changed wheel bearings, checked u-joints and nothing.

Finally looked at the driveshafts, 1 front, 1 rear.
The rear was rusty and i noticed a weight on the shaft and also
noticed another spot where a weight use to be.

So i took 2 metals clamps that you would use to tighten rubbers hoses and
put them around my drive shaft and tightened, leaving the area where the
clamps meets and screws down positioned over where the weight use to be and voila.

Vibration completely gone. Therefore conclusion driveshaft outa balance.

$4.00 Fix!!

Hope this helps...i will take pictures tomorrow!!;)

i have a 2006 explorer, developed same shimmy after several road trips, purchased new tires and problem didn't go away. ran the truck with all 4 wheels in the air and found no bent rims. the axle shafts do wobble slightly i noticed. Im leaning towards rear struts or the cv shafts/half shafts