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Show Your Flex (2nd Gen IFS)

Yep. Boomin has it right. I believe it's called
(Smittybilt 76721 SRC Front Bumper). But the previous owners cut the tubing off at the edge of the triangle portion so it's narrower. It could easily be welded in place. I don't have a welder at home yet, but could get brackets made at work so I went that route. I plan to cut the frame back a little further after I do my body lift.
Edit* I did not cut 5 inches off my frame. I cut the welds that hold the bumper horns off and after some grinding slid it over that. So in my photos that's about as far forward as you could put the bumper without building outward.

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Here is a Pic of my truck and a friends truck flexing.
New 97 26.jpg

New 97 25.jpg

My truck is a 97 I have add a leaf and Shackles in the rear up front I have the 3" keys Sway Bars removed front and rear with Limiting straps up front. Tires are 285/75r16's. So far I am super happy with her.