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Spartan locker


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January 22, 2007
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anyone ever heard of, or used these? i found it on rockauto. they look like the aussie and powertrax ones, only not as expensive.


I did a brief research and what I found is that they're quite good.
I can not verify this, but one post said assembled in USA but shipped from overseas for what it's worth. Then another said it's made from 9310 series steel with lager pins and a breeze to install.
I was worried about what series steel was used since it came from over seas, as in Pig Iron.
Here is a link to 9310 steel, if in fact it can be verified that is what they use since they have to endure some brute force.

Even though my Aussie works flawlessly, I would consider this locker in a heart beat.

But a little confused about being cheaper. Now I compared it to Aussie's site. $250 Aussie vs $290 RA.
Note, I punched in Dana 44 cause that's what I have.

I researched them as well when i bought my locker. Spartan is made by Yukon gear IIRC. Several members here have them (trent aka code comes to mind). I have seen his in use, and it handled some decent abuse in the rocks