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Swap factory single CD for factory 6 CD player


May 13, 2001
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98 Explorer Sport.
I know with all the smart Exploere people out there that I could get an answer about this!!
I have a 98 Exploere sport with a factory single Cd player!I have seen some on Ebay that are 6 CD players that look like plug & play units!I had a 92 XLT ,but it had a factory remote amp in the back of the truck!
Do these factory 6 CD Players plug & play with my system...in my truck???
Thaks ...
Any time I needed help someone came to my rescue.
This site rocks & so do you guys that help people like me!!!
Thanks again!!

If you're referring to the in-dash 6 CD changers, I do not believe you can swap a 98 for a 6 CD changer. I do know that to make a single CD player work in a casette-equipped Explorer, a converter harness was needed.

The best way to find out is to compare the wiring harnesses of both.

Before I pulled everything and put in my system, I did that exact swap in my '99. Unless there is a difference in the '98s and '99s, it will work fine.