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tires rubbing sway bar


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September 28, 2009
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04 Sport Trac
I just picked up a 2004 Sport Trac to replace my 95 Explorer. I noticed when making tight turns (such as into parking spaces) the tires would rub against the wheel well shroud. I brought it back to have the dealer fix it, their solution was to remove trhe shroud. Now I have no protection between the tires and snow, mud etc. and the engine bay. After they removed the shroud i also noticed that the tires were rubbing against the sway bar to the point that it had worn off all the paint. Everything is stock (so far). My question is.... Is this normal for the 04 Sport Tracs or is something wrong with my truck? Any advice is appreciated so i can be well informed when i return back for round 2 at the dealer.

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I am pretty sure it is all stock, I have Goodyear Wrangler RT/S P255/7R16 that the dealer put on new just before i bought it. i don't have a picture yet but i can take one today, the rubbing is just after the sway bar bends in the direction of the rear of the truck

Most likely the torsion bars have developed some sag. Have an alignment shop turn the bars up an inch or so and realign the truck. In 2002 I got a brand new Ranger and the torsion bars were set so low from the factory that the stock tires rubbed at full lock in a parking lot. No need to remove the wheelwell liners. Get the torsion bars turned up and put them liners back in.

If the torsion bars are sagging, does this mean that they just need to be adjusted or replaced? If they just need to be adjusted is this normal and why did they start sagging?

Just time, or they slipped out of adjustment. Fixing it is not hard.

I'm bringing the truck back to the dealer to have it looked at tomorrow, any other suggestions as to why the tires would be rubbing the sway bar? I also used the e-break (on a hill) and when i released it the break released but the light stayed on. Any ideas to either of my problems?

p.s. - i'm new to this site and i find it to be amazing. i wish i had joined when i had my first explorer. I bought it as a junior in high school and now that i graduated grad school i got the 04 sport trac, only my second ride. This site is awesome!

My 03 does the same thing , I put the same size tire that were on it before, Ford gave me the same solution, but when I my tie rods and sway bars replaced the did an alignment and it stopped. I ended up trimming the rear wheel wells too because they were clipping the sround in the wheel well :salute:

I also used the e-break (on a hill) and when i released it the break released but the light stayed on.
The pedal is probably not fully returning to the resting position. Just lift up on it with your foot.

i had checked the fluid and that was full, it was actually your first suggestion that worked, i didnt think of pulling the release and pulling up on the e-brake pedal at the same time. thanks for the help. Is the rubbing of the sway bar something normal for sport tracs?

Is the rubbing of the sway bar something normal for sport tracs?
Honestly, I don't remember. Could be, but I've been running 35" tires since 2002. So if mine did when it was stock, I have forgotten.

Josh_delaney506 : talked to the dealership today, they said that it may be that the steering stops are worn out, i'll know more when i get truck back tomorrow