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To buy or not to buy..


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October 16, 2001
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Irving, Tx
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'94 XL
I am currently in quite dilema. I'm 17 and I started driving my father's '94 Explorer XL. I have been given the opportunity to buy it for a wonderful $4,000. It's got 100,800 miles on it and is in excellent condition. Although I do not know much about cars themselves it runs beautifully. My father has pampered the darn thing as much as he could. The only thing that concerns me is how long it will keep running in good condition as long as I maintain it properly. Is there anyone out there who thinks this is a bad buy or a good one that I should take advantage of? Personal experiences would be greatly appreciated..

Hehe, oh and aside from it running beautifully the shifter does shake in 3rd a little. What the heck does that mean? Is that something I should be worried about?

Any time you get a chance to buy a 4x4 that YOU know the history of, jump on it..With regular maintenence, it will last you for years to come.
Good luck and Welcome to the site..
BTW...I bought my 91 from my father, it was bone stock and had never been off road. I have no regrets. You can check it out in the link below.

Like he said, its great to be able to buy a vehicle that you know the history of. A trouble spot in the Explorers is the transmission, most seem to have trouble before/around 100K, so that's likely to be a trouble spot for you as well. If you get the tranny rebuilt, you shouldn't have any other major problems, as the 4.0L is a strong engine.