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Tucson, HOOTERS 4th of July weekend


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January 21, 2001
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OK we are gonna try this again. MAybe that got more peoples attention. We are gonna head to the Hooters in Tucson to try and continue the Hooters pic thread and so we want to try and get as many there as possible. LEt us know what day would be good for you.

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Dude, let me know what day (I am supposed to go to Phoenix for the 4th... but I will have to check on that).

But I am up for it.... and I'm real close to it!! I love HOOTERS :p

er, uh wings I mean.

The Hooters at Wilmot/Tanque Verde Rd have better looking girls, er uuh I mean better naked wings... uuhhh yeah that's it. ;)

Anytime on 4th of July weekend will be good for me. Do you think they'd mind posing on my dirty explorer?


SInce you two actually live up there. Scope them out and see which one would be better. Then let me know or something. LOL



Woo HOO I'm up for a model shoot on the 4th :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

you almost had me cancel my leave, but then I realized I can hit Hooters from here all the way to Nebraska, and back. Nice try!


This is what we are looking at right now.

Possibly on the 4th... Time still to be determined.

Location. I will go with what Daemon said....Wilmot/Tanque Verde Rd Hooters. Cus I guess their wings :D are better. LOL

Pipe in and let me know what you think, so we can make some plans...

Daemon: If you can swing by there and kinda scope the place out to see where we would be able to park and all. That would be great.

There's only one parking area there and it's pretty big/open. The 4th sounds good to me.

Dude I'm out :( Turns out we are going to Phoenix evening of the 3rd and coming back on the 5th. Not only did I want some wings :D but the chance to meet some more guys from the board
and have a :chug:

I'll keep a watch on this... if it falls to another day; I'd be up for it.



Well we can see about changing the dates... I gotta get with bigtig... cus he has stuff going on the 5th.. but I am not sure about the 6th.. I am off either..

ok.. date is changed...

We are gonna do it on the 6th.. Time TBD.... I think around 2ish.. should be good.. let me know what ya'll think.

You can PM me and I will send you my number. Or just write me on AIM.... sn: kspride

Hope to hear from ya'll soon.

So far it's:


I'm taking becker to chiva falls early that morning then driving down to wilmot/tanque verde HOOTERS. We stopped by there today for some quality assurance inspection and they passed. :D

Sounds good, but what time??


Since we got the place down, and the date. Now it is time to decide the time.

So I figure 3 should be good, not too early.. not too late... and plenty of sunlight for the HOOTERS Girls and pictures.

Lemme know if thats good

How about around 1pm? We're gonna hit the trail early that morning around 10-11 and head down after.

I talked with KSpride lastnight, 1 sounds fine for us.

Cool! I'll give becker a call.

Do you guys wanna come along to chiva? We're actually just checking it out and my friend just bought a brand new Rubicon. So, I'll be showing her how to use it off-road:D . I wonder if she can tackle that line on the video(white 4runna) w/ 31" tires.

slacker!!! well, I am still in phoenix... but I plan on being back tomorrow. Daemon, sounds good dude I would love to run a trail first... it's up to you what time you want and/or where to meet up at (you can PM me if you want and I will get back to you later on Sat.). Look forward to meeting you guys, and running trails Daemon... let me know if you can dig up someone else to run it with us (so I'm not out there hangin' to dry). Cheers guys, I'm looking forward to it.

:chug: :us: :chug:

Happy 4th to you all, God Bless the U.S.A..!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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The More the merrier... anyone??? Anyone??? Let me know I would love to play with other Ex's!!! Please, if anyone can make it early it is not dificult to figure on places to meet. :)