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Umm Still confuse and need help ;o(


July 5, 2000
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Um.. Sorry I havent checked the post in a im back !! for those who reply me with the brake system thank you !!! for helping out and information.. so i had replaced the rotor with abs sensor it cost 80 bucks each ! the shop refused to shaved it bec it has been shaved twice ! bummer so i had replaced the pad.. also i bought new set of bearing thats 4 bearing 2 on each wheels.. so far the brake are beatiful ! stop nice.. smooth.. no more shaking ! but one problem when I go on highway about 65 MPH my steering wheel is little shaking but you would feel the tires are shaking i dont know ! could be the tires need to be balance q bec i spend 500 bucks for the 30x9.50 bf goodrich all terrian atko.. friend of mine say since i havent got the truck aligment it could possible case the tires shaking a bit Q i remember when i bought the truck it has 82k miles on it now its 100,113.k miles on it.. when i went on highway it was smooth no shaking or wobble.. but since i put on new tires.. brake.. ranchos shock everything else worked great expect when going on 65 70 mph wobble and shaking tires qq anyone have problem q thanks for taking your time to read it..

please help out or any information would be greatly appreatie ..

john the greek

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They should have balanced and alighned the truck when you got the new tires. Most places do free balancing and alighnment withing a year of new tires, hope you went to a decent place. If the alignment is off, you could be ruining your new tires!

Free Alignment???

John and Alec:

I always get my front end aligned whenever I put new tires on. Tires, esp. BFG's cost too much to risk having poor alignment chew them up. Alec, I don't know what utopia you live in, but there's no free alignment at tire shops around here. Even if there were, I wouldn't let them touch my front end. I go to a shop that specializes in truck and 4X alignments, especially since I have a lift with those oddball eccentrics that set castor/camber. (I figure a free alignment is worth what you pay for it! :) If you do much offroading, it's good to get your alignment checked often, because the pounding things get takes them out pretty quickly.

As for balance, my experience with BFG's is that they're great in every way except that they seem to go out of balance frequently. Also if you have stock Explorer wheels, the rim design, plus the rigors of off roading cause them to loose wheel weights often. My tire shop will rotate and rebalance as often as I ask, for free.

um thanks for info ray....

Hey Ray...

Thanks for information yes.. I am planning to get the front end aligment.. yes its stock rims explorer chrom rim you know.. um i had them balanced..and install all cost 480 bucks and they wanted other 75 bucks for aligment since i dont have that much cash.. but im planning to do it anyway since you made your point its too much not to get aligment bec the tires itself are expensive and great.. but would it solved the problem that i mentioned before qq like steering wheel minor shaking while you could feel the tires are shaking qq

Well, all the Goodyear, NTB, and Discount tire shops around here give good warranties. I just got my truck aligned after a summer of non-stop offroading at an Exxon shop where we know the owner. The alignment cost around $60 and it's warrantied for as long as I own it (unless I decide to try rockcrawling or something). I love knowing people ;) BTW, I haven't had any problems with wheel weights falling off, even though some are installed on a slightly shredded rim.