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Whining Noise When Accelerating

i have a 2016 explorer it whines going trough the gears,thought was in transmission but it whines in neutral,any suggestions its very anoying

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I'm a newby who also has a whiner. Mine is a 1993 and I've only owned it a couple of weeks. It has lots of power. Doesn't seem to slip, or lug down but the whining still worries me. I've chk'd all engine fluids. Added about 3/4 qt. tranny fluid but oil and power steering are good. The noise seems to be coming from underneath and I feel a slight vibration on the passenger side. Taking it to have fluids chk'd by a shop just to make sure that's not the reason and after that I guess I'm ok to drive it. If anyone has any ideas or wants to add anything, it would be most welcome. I drove a '95 Bronco for years but the Green Beast is all that...

i have a 2016 explorer it whines going trough the gears,thought was in transmission but it whines in neutral,any suggestions its very anoying
Wow, if a 2016 Explorer whines maybe it's just beefier than most or something. I had a '77 F250 that whined and never did fig. it out, but it never really gave me a problem and after a while I just got used to it. The 1st thing I keep telling myself is "this is a truck" and built to work harder. I agree it is annoying and for me worrisome because I don't know if it's in the differential, the drive line, the transfer case, torque converter, tranny, u joints etc. I already love my rig and want to keep her a long time. I do gave faith in Ford and this forum to help fig. this out.

When I bought my '94 Limited it had over 200k miles on it, the engine and tranny had been rebuilt (the owner admitted he towed a lot - mostly a trailer full of firewood), and the rear end had a very loud whine. After running it for a couple of years like that I purchased a used identical rear end for $125 and had a local shop change it (don't have a place or the time to do it myself). Total cost under $500 including new shocks. No more whine.

I figured out my issue. Its the timing chain guides. Apparently the motor has to be pulled to change the rear chain. Luckily I work for a dealership so I get discounted work. Hope this helps others. Its common on the 4.0 SOHC motors.

That's useful to know, I'd never heard that one. Let us know how it turns out. I'm planning to pull an engine to rebuild it from one of my two '94 'parts' vehicles this coming year and want to add that to the list if advisable.

It never occurred to me that the 2004 had the SOHC still. That's definitely a major issue with that engine design and that's why you see a lot of second gens in the junkyard. First gen it was the transmission, second gen it was the engine.

If you have access to a lift, hoist and all those dealer toys... go for it. You can fix it pretty cheap and with proper oil changes and quality oil, you'll easily double the mileage. The timing chains are by far the weakest part of the 4.0 SOHC.

As for larrydd999, you don't have to worry about that. It's only on the SOHC. Our first gens have the OHV, with only 1 timing chain that seems to outlast everything else on the vehicle. Cheap peace of mind to replace though.

Thank you, Nate, I didn't catch the SOHC part.