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Who has a 347 in their X? Advice please...


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March 12, 2001
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Plymouth, MI
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2010 Adrenalin
I am progressing slowly on the KB setup. The stock KB inlet and discharge manifolds will work well with the stock mustang (not GT40) or old Holley SysteMax lower. I am running the SysteMax. The GT40 setup moves the compressor ~1" to the drivers side and interferes with the throttle cable and hood cable. The Flowzilla inlet will not work without some serious dash panel modifications, as it will be ~1/2 - 1" into the dash.

The only thing holding my up now is the second idler and drive extension support. I had the drive shortened for $200 and CobraXP is helping me with the idler bracket.

Hope to bolt on within a month. check out my WWW