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Before & After

Do you have photos of your Ford Explorer or Ranger before and after your modifications? This is the place to show them off. In order to post photos here you need to link to photos which are already on the web. Read the FAQ for more information
My project is starting soon. But their are quite a few 3rd gens on here with 6" of lift and 33's.
Ive been looking and its hard to find the 90-94 explorer's with lift kits, so i decided to made a thread were everyone can link or post pics of there EX, and or mod's, i am working on a soa right now.
yeah, so i wanted to separate men from mice and see your LIFTED explorer. (yes, i´m gonna steal ideas for my soon to be x) also this thread could be really cool for everyone else who´s into jacked up trucks. keep 'em coming!
Do you have photos of your Explorer before and after your modifications? This is the place to show them off. Forum Rules: General forum rules and etiquette are located here: Forum Rules and Instructions Additional notes unique to this forum and my moderating style are listed below. In order to post photos here you need to link to photos which are already on the web. Read the FAQ in the link above for more information on inserting images and photos. You can also become an Elite Member and have space to store photos directly on this site: Elite Explorer Topics and Content This forum is designed solely for the purpose of posting photos to show your vehicle’s changes Before and After you perform modifications on them. If you...
Screwed up the editing so I reposted on the next thread.
Before: After: I had just bought the truck for 4k with just over 100k miles on it, was just going to be a daily driver but decided to make it a capable off road vehicle. Soon you will see the transformation of this truck into the ZAPV or Zombie Assault Preparedness Vehicle. This is how I got the truck. I decided to put bed liner on all of the plastic parts, and it looked good. At this point I thought I was done with the body (foolish me) I was going to settle for a good looking with minor capabilities truck. I soon grew tiered of all the plastic wrapped around the truck, and the fact that the bed liner wasn’t sticking to it, so I pulled all of the plastic off and started over. I filled all of the holes left by the...
I bought this new with 2560 miles. I drove the base 4 cyl eco and didn't like it. Dealer had this XLT as a courtesy vehicle which I drove and bought with my 2010 escape as a trade and used a friends A plan. VERY happy with purchase price. I wasn't thrilled with the 18" wheels and tires and the squirm or slight shake on initial acceleration so I found 20" wheels and tires from a 2015 limited. I broke even on selling the OEM wheels and tires, buying the 20's and having the 2018 TPMS sensors installed. Immediately noticed a difference in the feel and driving characteristics, much better than stock 18's. Some of this I attribute to putting Goodyear weather ready tires on these 20" rims. Next change was adding a class 3 hitch which I...
Little gallery I put together detailing the changes I've made to my 10' Ex since the day I drove it off the dealer lot :) Be sure to hit the "Load 4 more images" at the bottom for the current finished product! Also a video of the lights on from inside the cab at night, First stage is headlights Second is + bullbar LED Third is + Roof lights
The Day I brought her home 05/11 2017 next to a 96 that I do not have anymore. And this is as of 03/23/2019 Still needing to get front Diff installed. I have a Vacuum Disco that I am wiring in. Got Wires ran to drivers now I have to get it into the Driver Compartment. As of now she has a TT and 4 door leaf pack in the rear. About 2 to 2.5 inches total with tires lift. Need to raise the rear a little more but other then that I am super happy with her. Once everything is done we are going to get her out on the trails and see what she is capable of. I really can not wait.
Here is when I bought it Feb of 98 And here are a few afters in several different stages: 2000: 2006: 2011: 2016: 2018:
Hello from Puerto Rico. This is my 2000 Explorer xls with a 4.0 ohv. Bought her for $500 (usd) Befor 20170717_132423_HDR.jpg After 20181117_173730_HDR.jpg
Here is what she looked like when I first saw a picture of her. Here is what she looked like when I got her home. Here she is right now. Waiting on a Front Diff and Different Tires. Hoping to get 32" tires on her. She has 4 door leaves in the rear and front TT.
Bought this for my son last week. It's a nice clean two owners 2003 Explorer Sport XLT 2wd. Since then I have added 1 1/2" body lift, polyurethane body mounts, KYB gas-a-just shocks, ProComp rear add a leaf, 265/75R16 FALKEN WILDPEAK AT3, 16x8" 4.3BS Ion Matt black wheels, Turned torsion bars 3 full turns, Removed pinstripe, and Blacked out the grey plastic body molding. Before and After pictures:
I sold my 2002 Red Saleen a couple of months ago on a Friday. By Saturday, I was on the hunt for a daily driver. Craigslist helped me find a 2002 Explorer XLT that was just down the street from Fastlane. I bought the vehicle and had to do a little work to it, but overall it was a great project. I say it "was" because I sold it last Friday. Anyway, here's some of the progress pics and before/after photos. I liked it so much, that I immediately purchased another Explorer (2004 Eddie Bauer) last Friday night in Apex. Mods pics/project coming soon. Day that I purchased it - 1 week later - Tinted front windows (20%) and windshield (50%) - Thanks Tinted Atmospheres! New Black headlights and corners with 8000K HID...
Just thought I'd share my pics when my ex sat for two years and I finally decided to get it back on the road and hit the trails. She's looking real rough that's what neglect looks like lol fired right up though! A little pressure washing, elbow grease and some wax go along way lol! This was a few years ago there have been A LOT more work done since this picture.
Hey guys, I had posted in the new member thread when I bought my 1992 Ford Explorer back in July, 2015. The truck itself was incredible; only 61k miles at the time and no body damage, interior wear, and for the most part, it was mechanically sound. Not only have I loved the first gen Explorer since I was a kid, and tried to coax my parents to buy one as a our family car (it didn't work, since my Mum hated the rough ride), but my favorite movie of all time has been Jurassic Park. What little kid doesn't love dinosaurs? Seeing them come to life on the big screen was awesome back in the day. It only made sense to buy this clean Explorer, but convert it to a JP Tour Vehicle. As a disclaimer, all modifications done to the truck...
Hello everyone! I just got my new 17 Explorer Base I just plastic dipped the rims, installed the all-weather Ford molded floor mats, rear bumper protector and match the front two windows with the back windows tint. Here are some pictures of before and after. I am happy to share and be a member of this forum. Next thing is going to be the fog lights retrofit. Thanks! Out the dealer with 9 miles. Got home with 36 miles.\ Next Morning..
My third... And prettiest first Gen. Just after a bath.