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05 ExplorerRSC shut off while driving, Turns-over but won’t stay on?!

Discussion in 'Stock 2002 - 2005 Explorers' started by ReamTeam, November 13, 2019.

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  1. ReamTeam

    ReamTeam New Member

    November 13, 2019
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    Uniontown PA
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    2005 Explorer RSC
    Little Background Leading up to shut off:

    Hello everybody, I currently have a 2005 Ford Explorer RSC (roll stability control) not sure if that last part matters but anyways. She has 130,000 miles on her. Three days ago while driving i noticed a notification While driving, it said check charging system or something along those lines and it disappeared right away. My car dashboard notification screen usually displays check adv track 24/7 unless a new problem arises then it switches between them every few seconds.But i was driving when i noticed it switch from check adv track to check charging system and noticed no difference after it popped up for a second and disappeared. Now i don’t know if my current problem relates to this but I’m just giving y’all the best run down so i can get the best answers hopefully.

    Current Problem explanation:
    Now tonight i was actually driving to advance auto parts to get it scanned for codes because my abs light and traction control light are on because of the check adv track system but that’s due to it being a RSC edition. One sensor goes bad in that RSC system then it ****s with traction control and sets the light off on the dash which then sets off the light for abs. Anyways after getting off the highway, i was sitting at an intersection and it just went quiet, almost like the battery died but instead the battery was fine and everything worked but the engine was off. I turned the key off then tried to start it back up. It turns over and damn near starts but just dies again the second it turns over. On my notification screen in my dashboard it now says low oil pressure, and engine fail safe mode. I know some Cars say low oil pressure when you first put the key in but I’m at a lost for words. Like i said the battery doesn’t seem dead considering everything works and not dim at all and it turnsover, my dad tried giving her gas when she turnsover but doesn’t seem like any gas is coming from him pressing the pedal at all .We’re going back tomorrow to tow her home but I’m just wondering if this has happened to anyone else? Is the engine fail safe mode activated only when it senses your damaging the engine severely? Or could it be a bad throttle body which would cause miss communications with the computer which would throw it into fail safe mode? But i always thought you could start the car and idle it in failsafe mode, just not attempt to drive or move it. Could this just be a sensor? It’s not making sense on why it turnsover and does like a halfway start and just dies right before she’s about to be running like normal. Please help!

    Everything I have fixed myself since owning it for less than a week
    *********I just bought this car so I don’t know it’s history but i did noticed a dash kit and used audio system wire cables on the back seat and a radio wire harness plug in the center console. And based off the sound, the speakers are loud and crystal clear when playing just the radio so i think it’s safe to say there use to be a system in my explorer at one point, not sure if that could be causing any of this. Also replaced the thermostat to fix the heater upon buying and the muffler had a hole in it so i cut it out and replaced with a thrush turbo muffler from autozone (attached a screenshot). It’s a universal one that says it’s reversible right on their site. Checked a million times online and on the muffler for arrows on which was the inlet and outlet but based off everything and it saying it’s reversible, guess it don’t matter which way it goes bu just curious if i somehow installed that “reversible muffler” wrong, could that of caused this?
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