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March EF Lottery

Discussion in 'EF's photo lottery' started by reapereviltwin, March 10, 2019.

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    1. reapereviltwin

      reapereviltwin Keep on wheelin John Rock Staff Member Moderator Elite Explorer

      August 17, 2009
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      Glen Rock, Pa
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      '92 Explorer
      The theme for the March EF Lottery is "Decorations". For this month submit media with the theme of decorations. For the EF Lottery, Decoration is defined as any type of decoration, not just holidays, can be anything such as yards, meals such as cakes etc, parties, etc.

      Drawing and ending date will be on or about March 31, 2019.

      Goal: To encourage members of the Explorer Forum to submit a photo and/or vid, or written story in accordance with the theme and award one member with an one year elite membership.

      Only one submission to be entered into the drawing per member. Submission can contain multiable pics and or video(s) and/or links to pics/vids. Members are encouraged to post positive feedback.

      Sorry for the delay in getting the EF Lottery back up. There is a change in the Lottery information thread for procedures, this minor change is highlighted in blue.
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    3. Biohazrus

      Biohazrus New Member

      September 8, 2017
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      Gatineau, Qc
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      2016, Sport, Ruby Red
      Might be stretching the topic, but just doing the 'over happy daddy', sharing his kids picture...
      Over the last weeks, I've been decorating/converting my front snow bank for my 3-1/2 year old kid into a fort!
      Carving out big block from the packed snow blown front the snowblower.
      Used them to building a wall on "the other side" of the driveway and a tunnel!
      Be safe, I've put wood reinforcement for making sure the tunnel won't cave in and the top section is not "accessible" to walk on it.

      'nuff fun, now if all that can just melt away, I'm done with it.
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    4. Blue91Ex

      Blue91Ex Active Member

      February 12, 2013
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      91 XLT
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