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Modify AWD programming?

Discussion in 'Modified 2011- 2019 Explorers - Tuning & Mods' started by Marc S, January 21, 2018.

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    1. suzook

      suzook Active Member

      December 31, 2006
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      2018 Explorer
      Coming from my ss camaro, as soon as i got back into an explorer, i felt as if it was a fwd car. It takes some getting used to after driving rwd for the last 6 years.
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    3. CDW6212R

      CDW6212R Hauls the mail. Elite Explorer

      June 17, 2004
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      Knoxville, TN
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      98 Limited AWD
      The transfer case fluid, or PTU fluid, is a critical fluid in a critical drivetrain component. Those should be considered weakest links in any vehicle, and made a top priority for care.

      I'd replace that fluid not long after being new, just after the break in period when all fluids should be changed(if you care to keep the vehicle for a long(long) time). Most wear of all parts happens in the first 30 minutes of use, to about the 1000 mile mark. I appreciate OEM development, parts, and engineer design and intentions. But fluid life is not the best in the first period of use, from when new to the first fluid change. I suggest replacing all fluids early in the life of all vehicles, with the best fluid you are willing to put into the vehicle. I prefer Amsoil, but there are many great brands available, including Motorcraft.

      The PTU fluid should be a big priority fluid, replace often to keep it clean(transparent), as needed depending on usage. A mail vehicle should change all fluids every year as a severe duty example.
    4. imp

      imp Elite Explorer

      November 12, 2009
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      West-Central AZ along the Colorado River
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      59 Ranchero F250 D'Line
      I've named my old '04 clunker "Slow-Bogger". imp

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