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03 explorer

  1. D

    Hello From Richmond,Va

    Hello All, I recently pitched a 03 Ford Explorer NBX. I’m trying to fix it up as it maybe. I pitched it with about 240k miles and now I’m trying to do some flushing (radiator and Transmission??”Maybe”) Any feed back or helpful hint or trick would be great. I’m trying to do everything my self...
  2. R

    Wondering about plasti-dipping 03 Limited chrome wheels

    Im new to the forum, but enjoying reading it so far. I was thinking about plasti-dipping the wheels on my 03 Explorer Limited. Mine has the chrome 17' wheels. I wanted to see if anyone else has had it done on these wheels, so i can get an idea of what they'd look like. Heres a pic of what mine...
  3. R

    03 Explorer whine when starting up.

    About a week ago i had the transmission replaced in my '03 Limited. Everything was great, until yesterday morning when I turned it on and heard this loud whining noise. It would go away after about ten minutes of driving, and the car feels normal as usual. I just dropped it off at my mechanic to...
  4. F

    '03 Explorer XLT dies when braking

    Hi ya'll, My V8 recently started having a pretty serious issue. I was coming home from work monday of last week and hopped off the highway and slowed down to turn under the overpass and my car just shut off. I lost power steering but my stereo stayed on which means its not an...
  5. G

    Ditch the Exploder?

    So i have my '03 XLT 4.0 with 223k miles on it. I've beat the crap out of the thing, especially lately. Some things that are wrong with it; IACV (idle air control valve) is broken, the truck flux's on occasion when idling. Differential carrier bearing, I hear a very very distinct hum when...
  6. J

    Snowboard rack

    Hey everybody I'm new on here and was hoping for some help. I have a 2003 for explorer sport and was looking to put a ski/snowboard rack on the top of my explorer. I was wondering if I have to have a crossbar installed first or can I get away with just using the side rails? Thanks
  7. S

    That damn fuse #41...........

    ok i have an 03 explorer limited. fuse 41 keeps blowing and the only engine code ive seen is the rear o2 sensor... i replaced both and its still blowing. what could it be? if i unplug the battery for a few minutes and put a new fuse in itll run for maybe 5-10mins before it blows again. ive...
  8. M

    03 Explorer Keypad Issues

    I recently purchased a 2003 Explorer Limited. When I first got the truck the 1/2 button didn't work on the keypad. Now it seems there is no power to the keypad at all. None of the buttons light up when pushed nor do the interior lights come on when any of the keys are pushed. My remote fobs seem...
  9. M

    Factory DVD displays "no disc"

    Have an '03 Explorer Eddie Bauer that has the factory DVD unit that goes all the way across the headliner. A month or so ago the unit started displaying the message "no disc" whenever we stuck a dvd in. We tried many dvd's to make sure that was not the problem. Took the whole thing apart...
  10. L

    Air Blower direction 2003 Explorer

    my 2003 explorer only blows air from the dash vents. When I switch it to floor or defrost I can "hear" it trying to switch but it will only blow our of the dash vents. I did not find any vaccum hoses off under the hood.