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2008 ford explorer

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    Explorer bangs into gear after hard stops

    08 Explorer V6 4WD, 5R55, 25,000 original miles. I got the truck from the original owner a few months ago with 22k and immediately did a transmission drain and fill with Mercon V. I also replaced the filter and put a new pan and drain plug on it. Anyways, whenever I come to an abrupt stop or...
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    Howling or whining noise after 30mph only accerlating.. Other issues??

    I have a 2008 ford explorer xlt with 70k miles. I have noticed that when im driving, after it kicks into 4th gear or after about 30mph (depending on how hard i am on the gas) i start yo hear a howl/whine noise. I can hear inside the truck. If i let go off the gas, it goes away. If i slightly...
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    weather stripping bottom edge

    I am trying to find out where I can find weather stripping for bottom edge of Ford Explorer, attached to car. It goes along bottom edge and is rubber piece that goes along under edge on each side of car and you can see it when door is opened. It has been coming loose and hanging out. Need...
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    2008 Ford Explorer

    we have a 2008 ford explorer, just bought it less than two weeks ago. Here's what happens: You turn the key on the check engine light is on, the abs light is on. You start driving down the road and if the speed limit is less than 40MPH the vehicle will randomly start applying the brakes. If...
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    HELP installing amp

    I have a 2008 Explorer XLT and I was wondering where would be a good way to run my power cord for my amp to the battery and also I'm going to keep the factory stereo so I was also wondering where a good spot to connect the remote wire would be? Would it be possible to connect it to the headlight...