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  1. E

    2013 PIU FORScan Spreadsheet

    I have been all over the places I can think of, and I cannot find a spreadsheet or any document with as-built codes for a 2013 PIU. I have found quite a few LINKS but they all go to an iCloud page that no longer works. I am mostly trying to work with the stereo, Bluetooth, and rear-view camera...
  2. T

    2015 Ex Sport sync2 to sync3 nav repeater to IPC question

    Thanks to the information presented in other threads I was able to replace my Sync2 system with a Sync3 APIM and screen from a 2017 Explorer. After a couple weeks of reading and testing different asbuilt codes I have pretty much everything working except a specific type of nav information...
  3. nsindel

    FordPass/ registered owner issues (fleet vehicle)

    Greetings All - Posting this in the PI section as all of our vehicles were at one time managed as part of a fleet. Wondering if anyone else has had a problem like this, and more importantly, if you did, how did you resolve it. I purchased my 2016 PIU in August of 2021. It is a former federal...
  4. S

    dome defeat

    I started a new thread as I have not found any real discussion on this. Adding it to the end of the thread titled "New Forscan Update Allows Module Programming" just means that it will get lost. Link:New Forscan Update Allows Module Programming I have a 2014 Edge. That's pretty close to an...