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  1. S

    2016 Bluetooth sync disconnecting

    My 16 FPIU bluetooth sync kept disconnecting. My iphone was still connected to make and receive calls, but Apple Music & Pandora wouldn’t play. Got message to connect a bluetooth device. Searched here for the fix, didn’t find it. But found the same problem on an Escape. That solution fixed my...
  2. F

    Bluetooth suddenly stopped working

    Yes I tried searching, but got 4,000+ threads, and the first 15 or so didn't really help me. I'm not sure what else to try, or if anyone else has a similar issue. The Ex is a 2018 Limited with Nav. I've only had it 2 months, but it has 45k miles so no warranty, thus a trip to the dealership...
  3. C

    2010 Explorer with sync - how to have default sync mode be bluetooth and not line-in?

    When I turn on the vehicle, my phone's bluetooth automatically connects, but it says line-in instead of the bluetooth audio connection. The only way i can switch it is to enter the voice menu and say "bluetooth audio" or "bluetooth menu" and it will switch to bluetooth audio and immediately...
  4. R

    Bluetooth is flaky

    I hate that the bluetooth in my Ford Explorer limited 2014 is so unreliable. Calls get dropped all the time and its a 50-50 chance that It even works at any time. Is there anything we can do to make the bluetooth connection rock solid and reliable?
  5. G

    DreamWave Bluetooth Wireless Speaker System

    Who's ready for camping?! DreamWave Tremor Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Sound System: Shop Now! :us:
  6. M

    Add Bluetooth phone/audio to stock radio

    Hey guys, I want to add Bluetooth phone and audio streaming to my stock 2000 explorer radio. Does anyone know of a unit that will plug into the back of the radio? I have USA-SPEC ipod interface that plugs into the 6 CD changer slot that I have used for years, but it is a wired connection...
  7. B

    Metra BT harness DIY? I'm considering getting this and doing away with a HU all together. I don't listen to FM radio and just want to be able to get in my truck and push play on my phone and go. For this unit I need...
  8. jcerrion

    Bluetooth - "Pairing Fail"

    Anyone else had "issues with pairing your device via bluetooth? I have had ZERO trouble in the past pairing all these devices. Phones, Ipods. One day i get in my truck and try to use my ipod via bluetooth like i always do (easier to navigate to the songs you want) and it doesnt pair. Not an...
  9. T

    SYNC/bluetooth fails with iPhone music

    This is my 1st post, I have been lurking here for a few weeks but this sync system is driving me crazy. My company bought this car about a month ago, 2008 Explorer XLT V6. I am quite frustrated with the radio. I have the radio with sync (no sat nav) and I cannot get my iPhone music to play...
  10. B

    No head unit, Bluetooth direct to amp

    I've gotten rid of my HU because I didn't like it. In the past I had done a 3.5mm jack direct to my amp and played music from my Zune and it worked great. Zune had built-in FM. Now since I have a smartphone (Galaxy Note) I'd like to do a similar setup except have it connect with bluetooth...
  11. S

    iphones won't connect -- bluetooth prob?

    I have a 2012 XLT. I installed the MFT update in late march, and have come to appreciate the improvements that were made. However, last week, my Iphone 4 stopped being recognized automatically. I tried to do a manual connection, but it wouldn't connect. I did a hard reset of my phone, but...
  12. H

    Air Conditioner and Phone questions

    So we have had our new Explorer two days. When I say we, I mean my wife ;) But she knows I've been on this site a lot and have been able to help her with questions she's had so far but these are two that I'm not finding anything from my searches. First one is when she get's in the...
  13. M

    phone sync

    my new 2011 explorer stopped syncing with my droid x phone recently. i also have another phone that also does not connect to the car. is this a software problem that anyone has experienced?
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