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body mounts

  1. M

    Torque Specs for body mounts?

    Anyone know what are the torque specs for the body mounts on 02 ford Explorer? I'm gonna use replace all of them (1-5) on the driver side of my explorer.
  2. P

    Trouble finding body mounts for 02 XLS 4x4

    I have been searching for days to find body mounts for my "02 XLS 4x4". I can find all kinds of kits to replace all bushings for sport tracs but not XLS. I can find individual mounts at retail prices $60+ each, but I can't afford to pay a grand just for mounts. I have searched all the major...
  3. C

    Hi, I'm a new member and I need help!

    Hi everybody, I've been reading the Everything Aviator thread for a few days and decided to join. I was afraid maybe no one was posting anymore but I see it's active and I'm happy to see fellow Aviator lovers out there. My ride is a 2004 triple platinum, affectionately named " Monster," and he...
  4. Brian1

    How to: Replace Body Mount Bushings with the Daystar Kit KF04009

    This is a how to thread on replacing the stock body mount bushings with the Daystar Kit KF04009 AND reusing the stock hardware without destroying it. I will not be focusing on removing the seats and trim panels to access the body bolts. For an additional thread that helped me through this...
  5. 9

    HELP 3in BodyLift Questions

    Reading the all the instructions again for the bodylift instructions on the Thread. i noticed when i pulled out my parts they look completely different to the pictures posted, i order the same exact kit, is it just that mine is a more updated version of the same kit? also i read somewhere...