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  1. B

    What does this button do

    I have a 94 explorer 4x4 i have a switch under the rear washer button it is 3 position the right side says driving cant tell what the left side says w g at is it for?
  2. T

    Confusing no crank no start

    So i have recently purchased a 2000 Explorer Limited with the 5.0 v8. It would start and run great for about the first week. and then all of a sudden when on my lunch break, it would not crank. after work i did some tests and still wont crank. I hear the relays clicking when i turn the ignition...
  3. M

    Interminent Check Engine Light

    Have been getting and Interminent Check Engine Light on my Sport trac for about a Week. Just for a Code reader on it and have not been able to get the Code yet. Today the Speedometer also decided to not work and than came back. When Check Engine light is on the Odomoter and Tripometer read...
  4. B

    headlight issues need help asap

    both my headlights stopped working the other day, but im confused because my flash to pass still works, and all my fuses are fine, but they just dont turn on. it cant be my switch because i have my fog lights wired into my headlight circuit so they turn on with my lights, but they dont go...
  5. L

    Help me please! Misfires ugh

    :mad: I have had the same problem for MONTHS. I have codes p0301 p0302 and p0303 and no other codes. What would cause these codes and no other codes? I'm stuck and have no clue where to begin. I don't have the money to take it to a mechanic. Any help will be MUCH appreciated. Thanks