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  1. R

    Finally fixed !!!

    Ok the noise from the A-pillars is finally fixed that noise was driving me nuts and the beeping from the radio is fixed it was a module update . I LOVE this explorer and these little things dont really bother me the guys at riverhead ford are awesome!!! btw if anybody is selling a 2011 or 2012...
  2. chadc333

    For Sale Misc. First gen stuff/Overhead console

    95 Amp Alternator off of my first gen Explorer. Worked perfectly before it was removed. SOLD Rear mud flaps off of a firt gen Explorer. $15 Shipped. Tan overhead console with wiring harness plug. SOLD Weld on 1" D Rings. Brand new. $25 Shipped. Brand new Ford 2.9 Flywheel. $30 Shipped...
  3. D

    Free Overhead Console Pigtail

    I just bought and installed an overhead console in my 2001 sport and the one i bought came with an extra harness with pigtail for the overhead console (the wires coming out are about 4" in length), I have read that a lot of people were trying to find one so let me know if you want it! Live in...
  4. B

    3" Bodylift 5 Speed Console HELP!

    Looking for a console that will work with the 5 speed and 3" BL. I have an auto console right now but had to cut out the cubby hole and cup holders to catch second gear. Would LOVE to have my cup holders back. Thoughts on consoles or maybe bending the shifter arm up some? Just need some...
  5. M

    2dr Replacing Cupholder

    I was wondering if anyone could help me out and let me know if this would be a fit to replace the stock cupholder in my 2002 sport 2dr?
  6. D

    '97 5.0L Mountaineer CEL w/ P0133 Code

    Hoping for a little clarification. I searched but wanted to be absolutely sure before I go buy parts and start ripping into the rig. I've got a '97 Mountaineer, 2WD, 5.0L V8. CEL came on yesterday. Went to Autozone to get the codes checked. Only code is P0133 - "bank 1 sensor 1 heated oxygen...
  7. Z

    For Sale RIPT USA- Custom lids/colors available, DIY kits, Repair Service

    Hello everyone, RIPT USA has been in business for almost a year and a half and now will be offering some new products/services! Please excuse my website's appearance, I did all of the HTML myself and a proffessionaly redone version is coming in a few weeks! You can purchase these items by...
  8. W

    Overhead console digital temperature readout stuck!

    Our 2001 explorer sport has the overhead console with the compass and temperature readout. Compass works fine but the temperature readout is stuck at -40 F. Is there a sensor to change for this or can it be recalibrated? Thanks!
  9. R

    Tan vs. Black headliner?

    i ham asking advice from anyone that will help. i have a sagging headliner and want to put in a new one. But i wanted to go black instead of tan and also im going to rewrap my center console lid and could do that black also. would this make my ex look small inside. what do you guys think? PS...
  10. T

    Video console wiring color codes.

    I need to find out what the color codes are for the roof video console???
  11. C

    2005 Explorer DVD System not working

    I have a 2005 Explorer Eddie Bauer with the built in DVD console in the rear. The power button and several other buttons seem to work because I see the main radio display change as I hit the buttons (such as volume, play, source, etc). However, the DVD display is not lit up at all. I have...
  12. M

    wiring or blown accessory port?

    We were camping and plugged the shop vac up to the converter and POP there went the converter and the accessory plug/cig lighter. We can't figure out where its blown though. Do not see any blown fuses in the fuse panel and tried running the wires. Any suggestions? :exp: 96 Ford Explorer XLT
  13. R

    Where is the Temp Sensor for my Overhead Console?

    :confused: I have replied to a few post. But never asked a question myself. I can't seem to find the answer to this one. Although I am sure it is on here somewhere else. I have an overhead console, that recently burnt out(but that is a different story, unless you have one for sale...
  14. Console CB

    Console CB

    CB in the center console
  15. 98 sport console

    98 sport console

  16. Center Console

    Center Console

    i painted the cenetr console also...
  17. 4" tv mounted in upper console

    4" tv mounted in upper console