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explorer 2003

  1. J

    Knocking/Taping sound coming from engine bay.

    Hi Good morning y'all, I'm posting this because this knocking/taping noise has been driving me crazy, some may say it's the timing chain, but said thing was replaced less than half a year ago, I would really like to know if any of you experts have a solution to my problem. I attach the video...
  2. T

    03 explorer torsion bars

    From my understanding, based off of posts on this site torsion bars can both lower and heighten your ride by about 2" safely. Now I have seen some posts say all you need is a wrench/socket wrench while others mention specific tools like Arm-08. My questions are as follows: 1. Do torsion bars...
  3. J

    03 Explorer XLS Not Starting

    I have a 2003 Explorer XLS with a 4.0 V6 that will not start. It will crank but seems to not be firing. I replaced the spark plugs. It still will not start.
  4. T

    Installing Ford Traction LOC LSD into Limited AWD Explorer

    Hey guys, I'm going to tackle rebuilding my Ford Explorer 2003 Limited AWD differential and wondering if I can install a Ford Traction LOK? FORD RACING TRACTION - LOK LIMITED SLIP DIFFERENTIAL W/ CARBON DISCS - 31 SPLINE 8.8 IN. (86-14 V8; 11-14 V6) Differential description...
  5. Y

    where to get a lift kit for an 03 explorer

    Im looking to lift my 03 explorer. Just ate the look how low it is and the small tires. Ive been searching and havent found any. Hellp!
  6. 3

    285's spare options

    So I just started running 285 75 16s (33x11.5) and absolutely love them.:D Small problem is that a spare in the same size wont fit in the spare well... Dont like the idea of being stranded if i get a flat. Ive come up with carrying a few cans of fix-a-flat, or somehow modifying my well to fit...
  7. B

    Oil leak around oil filter

    Replaced the oil filter and it still leaks (several drops a day) around it. Is there a gasket inside the housing that needs to be replaced? Oil filters have a O-Ring gasket in them which butts up to the block, so why is it still leaking? 2003 Ford Explorer XLT V8
  8. B

    2003 Ford Explorer with a check engine light.

    Hey everyone. I am new to this site. I stumbled upon it while trying to get some ideas as to what could be wrong with my Explorer. One thing it was doing, although it ran fine, was when we went to put gas in. The pump would shut off like the gas tank was full, even if it was nowhere near full...