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fuel gage

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    Fuel gauge/light issues

    2002 Explorer. Intermittent failure of the fuel gauge and light on the instrument panel. This issue just started happening this week. Gauge reads empty and the warning light to check gauges comes on. No relation to outside temperatures. Seems to happen when the vehicle has been sitting...
  2. D

    2002 Explorer XLS 4Dr 4x4 4.0 vin E

    Fuel gauge and everything on multifunction stalk stopped working except for high speed wipers. Had fuel gauge sending unit in tank replaced. $500 later, still no fuel gauge. Had multifunction stalk replaced. $185 later, still no stalk functions except high speed wipers. Took to another...
  3. C

    Fuel Gage Issues!!

    I was having an issue with my fuel gage not registering all the time. every once in a while it will register up to full no matter how much fuel is in it and then it will go right down to Empty. So I ordered a brand new pump and sending unit from rockauto.com last saturday. received it by fed ex...