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2002 Explorer XLS 4Dr 4x4 4.0 vin E


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January 22, 2008
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Philly International Airport
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'02 XLS
Fuel gauge and everything on multifunction stalk stopped working except for high speed wipers. Had fuel gauge sending unit in tank replaced. $500 later, still no fuel gauge. Had multifunction stalk replaced. $185 later, still no stalk functions except high speed wipers. Took to another mechanic. He replaced fuse #13 under steering column and it fixed fuel gauge and stalk functions. Cost was $25. Looks like I paid $685 for nothing. Two days later while using the delay wiper function, all problems returned. Returned to mechanic but now fuse #13 continues to blow when you turn ignition key on. In the past 3 years, I've had transmission rebuilt, $2300. The engine replaced with a used one $1850. Please help. Running out of money.

Welcome to this forum! Check for spliced wired in the steering column near the tilt assembly.