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    Replaced radiator now no heat!

    Hey everybody! So I have a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac 4X4. Replaced a cracked radiator. Filled up the new one and let it run for about 12 mins. No leaks but I noticed the heat isn't working. The temp gauge had it running right in the middle but I didn't check the hoses from the heater core or...
  2. M

    Heard a pop & a flap slap shut, now air flow is very weak

    Hi all - First, I'm new to the forum and not the most knowledgeable about working on the climate system - so i please ask for your patience and forgiveness my ignorance in advance. I've got a 2003 Ford Explorer with dual automatic air control. Yesterday, I had the AC on full blast, and I...
  3. D

    Heat Not Working

    Hello, I have a 1992 Ford Explorer XLT. The current issue is that the heater doesn't work. All of the vents blow out air but it is not warm. I let the vehicle get to operating temperature and felt the hoses that go to the firewall and they were both warm. The top one was warmer then the bottom...
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    AC/Heating only works on cold

    Hi All, My 2008 Explorer is making a clicking noise when using AC or heat if I do not keep the temp control almost all the way on the cold side. If I move it we get a non-stop clicking/ticking noise from in the dash. Any thoughts one how I can determine what the problem is and fix it? Thanks...
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    2000 ford heater will not work please help

    The heater in my 2000 Ford Explorer will not produce heat it will only produces cold air. I have seen some threads on here for 97 and 98 Fords and unsure if those threads can help. Some say I should replace the heater core or that it could be a clogged thermostat. When I start the car in the...
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    95 Eddie Bauer A/C sparking

    Whenever I put on the A/C the whole compressor throws sparks everywhere and makes a terrible noise. Also, when I had the defrost on the other day, I popped the hood to find the compressor smoking like crazy. Is the whole compressor shreaded and is there anyway I can have the heat on without the...