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    Stock driveline max rated hp for the 5.0?

    I've got a 1999 limited edition explorer with the 5.0l v8 and I was wondering how many horsepowers the stock driveline can handle without dying. (any suggestions on what kind of mods to do to keep it 4wd and to not blow up with the extra power would be appreciated)
  2. 5

    explorer 5l vs mustang 5l

    So I wanted to know how I get get my 99 ford explorer 5.0 to run without all the emission bs that chokes performance. I've read that a performance cam can really help with horsepower. But I wanted to know if I can use internals from the mustang (pistons, rods, gaskits, and that kind of stuff) I...
  3. D

    Horsepower Gains 2003 Ford Explorer 4.6L

    What are the best mods for HP gain in 4.6l 2003 ford explorer? And are all 4.6 motors compatible with stock transmission?
  4. W

    More horses

    I just recently bought a 99 5.0 EB. I bought an explorer cause I wanted to learn how to work on my truck, customize it and upgrade it myself, and cause I've always really liked these trucks. Until a couple weeks ago I knew absolutely nothing about cars, and since my purchase, I've been pouring...
  5. F

    How to increase horsepower?

    Hey everybody I have a 98 5.0 explorer and wondering what my hp is and ways to increase hp. P.S. This my favorite ride iv ever had also had 93 ex 4.0(green Monster)
  6. A

    Sct SF3 Tuner custom tune

    I recently bought a SF3 tuner and downloaded it to my explorer and I feel that it made a good difference. I have read where people have gotten custom tunes and seen an even better gain in horsepower and torque. I would like to know if a custom tune would actually make a bigger difference than...
  7. T

    sohc 4.0 hp

    i got a '99 explorer sport sohc 4.0 im fixin to put 2 1/2 inch straight pipes out the back dumped with 3 1/2 inch tips. i wanna know what r sum good stack-able dash mount programmers for my truck,,,and all other good ways to squeez every ounce of horsepower out of my truck with out goin into...
  8. C

    How can i beef up my 4.0 SOHC

    Hello all i have a 2000 explorer 4door 4x4. Its been a good truck but i would like some more power... What can i do to beef it up? Thanks for your time
  9. A

    need help with horsepower! 99 sport 4.0 sohc

    ok... i just tried to post this thread but it didnt work so ill try again.. but i'm looking to add some horsepower to my 99 4.0 sohc sport for not very expensive if possible. but i am looking for about 30-50 more horsepower and significant torque too... any suggestions?? i've been reading and it...
  10. Horsepower Bug

    Horsepower Bug

    If you see this viciously aggressive and highly dangerous insect, ruuuuun! Run as fast as you can, or you will soon find yourself having uncontrollable urges to modify your Explorer for max performance gains. It will adversely affect your cash flow, and there is no cure!! :-)