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    Idea put into action (Interior trim painted)

    So i got an idea while talking to a friend and I decided to paint some of the trim in my car white. I have a 2002 Ford Explorer XLS, which is grey and I figured it would give it a nice clash. Here's some pics :) Enjoy and tell me what you think, Good or Bad, Yay or Nay. :exp::exp::exp...
  2. R

    2011 2012 ford explorer interior

    Im in need of a interior for a 2011 2012 explorer if anybody knows where i can start looking i'd appreciate it. i need it to be black or i can start off with just black door panels. pls if you have any ideas pls share them with me...George
  3. 9

    Wanted 93 Explorer Door Panels

    hey guys. If anyone out there could point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it. I need new door panels for my 1993 Ford Explorer. It is a XLT with power windows locks and mirrors. The color is red which seems to be a hard color to find. I have been to plenty of junkyards...
  4. B

    Wanted 92 explorer head rests / 2 needed

    I need both head rests for 92 explorer seats.
  5. N

    Bed Liner n Back

    Hi, has anyone had the idea of tearing out the carpet in the back of a 2000 XLT and replacing it with a type of truck bed liner? Rhino liner or line-x come to mind. Also covering the back of the rear seats so that when they are folded down, they have the liner on it all they way of to the front...
  6. C

    Mood light kit w/ MFT

    Still waiting on my EX to be delivered, but I have a question about the interior mood light that ties into MFT. The dealer told me that this is installed at the dealership which tells me that its something I might be able to do myself. If I can save the $150 in labor he quoted me to do it, I...
  7. J

    How to: Remove Gen II interior panels

    Figured we needed up a writeup... Front doors: Remove the trim caps from around the door handles (makes it easier to remove the panel from around the handles) Remove the (2) phillips screws from behind the door pull Pry panel away from the truck to release the push-in connectors from...
  8. S

    Braxton Grey Seat Covers

    Looking to dress up my interior as the driver seat is showing it's age: Familiar plain jane Ex: Read this thread: http://www.explorerforum.com/forums//showthread.php?t=107214 and was going to get the X-bound cover but saw a couple negative reviews on Amazon. Kept looking and found this...
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    My current setup

    Hi guys, I've just turned fifteen and gotten my first car (99' Explorer XLT) and put in an aftermarket audio system. Currently I have the interior stripped down to sheet metal minus dashboard and headliner to install sound deadening material (fatmat). Anyways, I was making this thread to work as...
  10. B

    How do you access the lightbulb in the trunk courtesy light?

    I'm planning on replacing all of my interior lights with led panel lights, but i dont know how to get into the trunk light. Please help?
  11. N

    Interior lights wiring diagram?

    Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the interior lights of a 95 Limited or a truck with a similar setup? I'm looking to add an on/off switch under the dimmer control to disable the interior lights.
  12. Y

    2002 Mercury Mountaineer Mods

    [B]Hello Everyone! I own a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer V8, and am looking to update the interior (trim, seat covers, dash, etc). After that, I'd like to make some modifications to the exterior, and then eventually some mechanical changes to bump up the mpg. I know that this is an...
  13. S

    The Revamp Begins - My first very used X

    Vehicle: RBT 1998 Ford Explorer 2Dr 5sp 4.0 4x4 Year Exterior/Interior; 1992 to 1994 (exact year unknown) Mechanical: Mix of parts ranging from 1992 - 1998 Brief history: truck stolen, insurance paid out, vehicle found striped in another province, previous owner buys back scrap vehicle and...
  14. N

    Meter back lights?

    Okay so my problem is the light behind the meters is..well not there. Im guessing they are bulbs that have burnt out. Here is a pic for reference... This is a 99 explorer xlt btw. Couple Questions... 1: Is this hard to replace by myself?( I have some mechanical skills I would be able to pull...
  15. My Explorer

    My Explorer

  16. M

    Exterior Lights on w/unlock

    Would it be possible to have the tail lights and parking lights (or head lights) come on when I unlock my Explorer with the remote? I was thinking there might be a way to do it by hooking them into the interior lights (since they come on when you unlock the doors), does anyone know if this is...
  17. R

    interior dash/bezel lights

    i just started thinking about why none of my interior lights work in my 97' E.B. The lights that do not work are the headlight switch, 4X4, rear wiper, and also the defroster and fog lights light up when switched on but the icon doesnt light up at all. the speedo and all the indicator lights...
  18. T

    Searching for an '06 Explorer All-Weather Cargo Liner

    I'm in the market for an all-weather black cargo liner for my 2006 Ford Explorer. I have the power 3rd row seats that fold flat and what I'm looking for is a cargo mat that will cover the entire area when my seats are put away (which will be most of the time) and then easily folds up to protect...
  19. E

    Front Seat Swap w/ Ranger...???

    Would like to swap the front seats out of my 92' Explorer(xlt-4x4-4dr.) with 60/40 seats from a Ranger. POSSIBLE..??? Does the bolt pattern line up or the tracks same...??? and what years match?
  20. B

    !help stumped!

    Hi I am new to this site just got logged in and have a question. I have a 95 explorer eddie bauer about 2 months ago my drivers door speaker started to crakle so I slid my deck out to see if the wire was loose,touching ect. when I had my hand back there all of my gauges droped now I have no...
  21. Rear Window Switch Wiring

    Rear Window Switch Wiring

    This picture shows the wiring connected to the rear window switch of a '99 Explorer XL. Note the arrows point to empty slots in the harness but the switch itself has contacts there--it is suspected that this is the illumination circuit that isn't used in the base model.
  22. Mountaineer Interior

    Mountaineer Interior

    Radio surround & door overlays are Husky Liner. Console from Exoticwooddash. Steering wheel, Wheelskins
  23. Fabric Stuff

    Fabric Stuff

    Had some downtime one day and decided to put some covers over the vinyl stuff...
  24. 1994 XLT interior

    1994 XLT interior

    The interior
  25. macho law

    macho law

    word to the gf