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  1. P

    2016 Explorer Liftgate Panel Removal

    Have a squeaky liftgate and trying to remove the panel to figure out why it squeaks. Don't want to mess anything up. Other than the two screws on the inside handle, is there anything else that I need to be aware of? Does it just pop off? Anything to be cautious of so I don't break anything?
  2. B

    Rocker Panel Replacement - No Welding, No Bondo

    Like many people, I had to do this project in my driveway with some basic tools. I have about $300 in the whole project, not including the tools. I bought full panels at $125 each on amazon. I have another $50 in paint, primer, rustproofing, undercoating (all aerosol spray cans). You can use...
  3. P

    Mystery interior panel damage

    I have a 99 Explorer sport and since I've acquired it it's had this weird ? around both side mirrors on the inside. The pictures don't do it justice but the plastic is coming off almost powdery. I'm not entirely sure what's causing it but my guess would be washer fluid from the previous owner...
  4. D

    2001 Ford Explorer - Exterior Door Panel Missing

    WHERE CAN I ORDER THIS MISSING DOOR PANEL MOULDING? Hello - I took a road trip this weekend and the door panel flew off somewhere. Does anyone know how to find and order this part? Its the passenger door "gray" panel.:(
  5. Front panel electric box.

    Front panel electric box.

  6. The computer panel has a heat shield.

    The computer panel has a heat shield.

    This is extra protection for the computer board in an oven.
  7. The panel is installed.

    The panel is installed.

  8. E

    home making an auxillary switch panel

    I'm starting to build my own water resistant switch box for my 5 switches i have in my truck. I have front KC daylighters, side fog lights, front strobe lights, back strobe lights and my BWM switch. I also have my amp hooked to a switch but I like where that is so it stays. First off is the...
  9. C

    Transmission Cooler V8 4.6L 2004

    Hello guys.... I have a question... the V8 4.6L has a auxiliary transmission Cooler installed from factory??. I f I see under the engine there is a small cooler panel.. but I am not sure if it is for the steering power system or for the automatic tranny.... I am pretty concern about heat on...
  10. The back panel on the refrigerator.

    The back panel on the refrigerator.

  11. X

    How to remove back hatch interior panel (pictures)

    If you have been following some of my threads, I have been replacing and cleaning my interior of my newly purchased 99' XLT. Here is my carpet replacement thread: http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=272522 I then found and replaced the floor mats...
  12. Panel Explorer

    Panel Explorer

    Crappy sample using Paint of what a four door Explorer would look like with a rear side window delete.
  13. WitchCityMounty

    Solar Panel on the roof of my Mounty

    So I installed a solar panel on the roof of the mounty this week! Let me first address the reason of why: I'm a college student, my truck often doesn't move for a week or so. In the summer and winter I go to sea for a couple months on end. The battery always dies during this time. If I...
  14. Repaired door panel switch assembly wiring.

    Repaired door panel switch assembly wiring.

  15. Door panel switches.

    Door panel switches.

  16. Door panel switch assembly.

    Door panel switch assembly.

  17. Door panel bulk head disconnected.

    Door panel bulk head disconnected.

  18. Rear Window Switch Wiring

    Rear Window Switch Wiring

    This picture shows the wiring connected to the rear window switch of a '99 Explorer XL. Note the arrows point to empty slots in the harness but the switch itself has contacts there--it is suspected that this is the illumination circuit that isn't used in the base model.
  19. Behind dash access with gauge lines

    Behind dash access with gauge lines

    show the behind dash access with gauge lines installed.
  20. Behind dash access

    Behind dash access

    show how to access the area behind the dash for an a-pillar gauge pod install.
  21. Rear Cargo Panel

    Rear Cargo Panel

  22. Amp compartment 2

    Amp compartment 2

  23. Amp compartment

    Amp compartment

    A MTX Thunder 152 mounted in the rear quarter panel.
  24. Rocker Damage

    Rocker Damage