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  1. J

    Damaged Fuse Box, no Ignition Power!

    Hi Guys, I have a 2017 Explorer PIU with its stock center console wiring cut out during decommissioning. I accidentally partially drilled through the cabin fuse box as well as the power wire to it while drilling a hole through the firewall to install an inverter. I entered the fuse box in...
  2. F

    Does a 1995 Explorer ECU have to be programmed?

    I'm replacing the ECU in my '95. At the last minute I saw a clause in the sales slip that said that the seller was not responsible for programming ECUs. I called the guy's attention to that, and he said that applies to newer ECUs, but my '95 won't have to be programmed. Is he correct?
  3. J

    Custom Flip key remote programming issues

    I recently ordered a VW style flip key (switchblade key) off eBay from a reputable seller. It has the key and the keyless remote fob bult into one unit. Upon receiving the key I took it to local locksmith and had the key cut. Lucky since I had two original keys I could program the 3rd using the...
  4. T

    ECM Replacement

    I need to change the ECM and I notice on Rock Auto it says that I am confused if I can do this, or if I have to spend money on an EPROM programmer or something. It sounds like they do a general program when you buy it, but you need to tweak it? I need to get this done to pass smog since...
  5. D

    Can't get into Programming mode for remote?

    Trying to program the remote that came with the 04 Explorer and cannot get the vehicle into programming mode, any help tips tricks? I do have keyless entry buttons but would like to get the remote to work. Thanks, I have been reading other posts but nothing seems to be the trick. .