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sagging rear end

  1. J

    Rear-End Driver's Side Sag

    So a few weeks back I twisted the torsion bar on my '05 ST (160,000 miles) to level it out. Truck sat fine, driver's side sat 35 1/2' to top of wheel well and passenger side sat 36', didn't get an alignment afterwards. Then a few days back, I noticed that my rear driver side looked lower than...
  2. A

    Bouncing Suspension

    I have an 98 ford explorer sport 4.0 SOHC and my question is what can I do to my truck so it doesn't bounce so much, I'm thinking on changing the 1 leaf spring suspension with a more stiffer one. Is there one from another vehicle that will fit. Thank You
  3. M

    Sagging rear end

    My 96 XLT 4.0 was sagging pretty bad in the read and espically the drivers side (the drivers side sits almost 3" Lower than the passenger side) so I bought brand new leaf springs and when I just installed them and re measured the ride height it was exactly the same as before I put the new...
  4. L

    2001 Ford Explorer Sport rear end sagging

    I got a nice sag going on not to mention it's a rough ride hitting bumps. Any suggestions on a CHEAP EASY FIX? I drive this truck to work and back and will be using it a lot during the winter and in the snow.
  5. 3

    97 explorer left rear sagging 2"

    why does 97 explorers sagging on the driver side rear by to 2".. i put new shackles on 3months ago look level. but after this weekend i seen to other trucks 97 ex xlt with the same prob.. what is it and how to fix .. the ride is not great go other a bump and everty thing gets thrown around ...