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  1. B

    Shift Lever Bushing - Where to buy this?

    84 Bronco II 5speed Shift lever spins 360 degrees freely and lifts from lever socket freely. Open up the case and found this bushing sitting in the transmission. I fished it out, looks broken in half, but really I don't know if there was more to this part to begin with. So....what is it...
  2. R

    Takes to long to shift

    my explorer takes to long to shift this means i have to buy another transmission???
  3. J

    Is it possible to change the shift points?

    I have a '97 Explorer XLT, and I want to change the shift points. Is it possible? And what does it involve doing? Thanks.
  4. R

    Transmission mis-shift

    I've had this happen at least 5 times now in ~2000 miles. At around 40 mph (?) the transmission will do a quick, hard dip into the next lower (higher rpm) gear before shifting into the appropriate gear. Has anyone else experienced this?
  5. J

    gear selector wont engage after transmission rebuild

    What's up Everybody. I have a 1999 Ford Explorer 4x4. I just rebuild my trans and when I got it back in the gear selector on trans only has 3 clicks when I know there should be 6. why is it doing this?
  6. W

    Missing Shifts on Transmission

    Hi All, First time poster, but use the site a lot for various issues I have had with my 2003 Ford Explorer V8 Eddie Bauer. I've had it for 4 years, and replaced the transmission 1.5 years ago. Now, with 163Km on it, the transmission is coming out of gear. While I'm accelerating and the...
  7. J

    It has reverse but won't shift into drive.

    I have a '94 explorer 4wd auto trans. It will shift into reverse or park with only a slight 4sec delay but OD, D, 2, and 1 give it a 90sec to never delay on the shift. Once in gear It shifts just smooth between 1, 2, 3, etc.... It has ATF and I changed the trans vacuum modulator. I think it...
  8. B

    99 ford explorer shift problem

    Hi guys, I have just recently started having a few problems with my 99 ford explorer sport. It has started shifting weird, I now can not take off in drive my d truck just revs up and does not go, I can still get reverse 1st and 2nd gears, I can take off and there is no slipping or anything. But...
  9. D

    Check Gage + Hard shift + Gear slippage at same time?

    Ok, I did a search and found a thread that sounded similar to my issue at first but the conversation turned into a discussion about thermostats: http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=119377 So, yesterday I was on my way to pick up a set of rotors and pads after work. On the...
  10. F

    My A4LD has a broken intermediate band.

    My fiance and myself just recently bought an automatic 94 ford explorer xlt. needless to say we got a little bit ripped.. the guy we bought it from told us everything was pretty okay except the blower didnt work for the heat/ ac. and that the brakes were going to need replaced soon. Well once...
  11. J

    T-Case Popping Issue?

    I picked up my 1998 ford explorer XLt with auto four wheel drive t case, about three months ago. After i picked it up i noticed if i accelerated really fast there would be a loud popping noise in the front end(while im in auto 4 wheel),(i dont know if it popped in 4x4 high) it sounds like...
  12. P

    How to remove shift lever on 2006 Explorer

    Was hoping someone could help with my problem. I need to replace the gear shift slider (part 7c444) as it ripped when some soda spilled and caused it to get sticky and as lever shifted out of park it ripped at the opening of it where the shifter passes through it. This piece is the black...
  13. S

    The Revamp Begins - My first very used X

    Vehicle: RBT 1998 Ford Explorer 2Dr 5sp 4.0 4x4 Year Exterior/Interior; 1992 to 1994 (exact year unknown) Mechanical: Mix of parts ranging from 1992 - 1998 Brief history: truck stolen, insurance paid out, vehicle found striped in another province, previous owner buys back scrap vehicle and...
  14. H

    A flashing O/D light, A/T acting funny, and what to do about it

    Hey guys - I am obviously a newbie on this board so please move this post to the right place if this isn't it. This is my attempt to describe a problem and a fix, for the benefit of other people. I am going to tell the whole story out so that someone's search terms might come up, wherever they...
  15. B

    Downshift Problem!! Like you hit something

    Hello to all. I've looked through many posts on this site and found a lot of great info, but nothing exactly like my problem. 02 Mountaineer with 4.6, 5R55W trans, towing pkg. 100,000 miles on the odometer, purchased used at 80,000 so I do not know the service record on it. Diff has a slight...
  16. F

    1-2 Gear in A4LD

    Hi to all. This is my first post in the forum because i am too bad writing in English. I am Spanish and i have a 4x4 94' Explorer with automatic transmission. I am having problems with my transmission. My first transmission was changed in the Ford workshop because it was loosing oil...
  17. A

    Won't shift. Please help!

    Hello everyone. I am extremely new here (approx 1 hour) but the reason i joined is due to a problem i had tonight with my explorer. I have been to this site many many times before seeking information and i have found what i am looking for every time, until now. :( Here's the problem...
  18. BW1354 lever

    BW1354 lever

    This is the linkage you want for the manual shift BW 1354 conversion, make sure you get the transfer case shift lever with it.
  19. BW 1350 long lever that will work with BW 1354

    BW 1350 long lever that will work with BW 1354

    This is linkage in my explorer from a 87 bronco2 with a A4LD and a BW1350.It is diffrent than the short lever linkage, and you NEED the MATCHING LEVER on the TRANSFER CASE.You will need to modify the bottom of the shift lever so that it will clear the front yoke.
  20. shift lever and boot

    shift lever and boot

  21. ControlTrac3


    97 EVTM schematic page 3
  22. ControlTrac2


    97 EVTM schematic page 2
  23. ControlTrac1


    Screen shot of 97 EVTM for Control Trac page 1