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  1. E

    Custom DRL /Signal

    Started working on a custom build that incorporates sequential switchback signal and custom animating DRL with showmodes.
  2. T

    08 Explorer XLT 4x4 No Turn Signals, relay clicking

    hello everyone. I’m working on a friends explorer and I am having difficulty diagnosing a no turn signal problem. We have running lights, but no turn signals lights, and no low mount brake lights. The top mount brake light works. All bulbs are brand new. And the indicator lights on the...
  3. D

    Navajo to Explorer grille and headlight information?

    Picking up a 1992 Mazda Navajo on Saturday. She's no looker. Aside from already being a Navajo front end, the grille is in multiple pieces. Well, that and the peeling paint. I want to pull off the Navajo grille and lights, then replace them with an Explorer's lights and grille. I have a few...
  4. Michael W

    Explorer SiriusXM Stuck "Acquiring Signal" (Intermittent) 2018 Models

    I have a new 2018 Ex Plat with 200 miles on it. The SiriusXM radio works...sometimes. I am often left without anything as the radio displays "Acquiring Satellite Signal", often after I have been listening for a while. Has anyone else had a similiar problem?
  5. J

    Parking Brake Warning Signal

    Does the Explorer have a parking brake warning signal. I have a 2004 Explorer and my step son keeps driving with the brake on. I know there is a light showing him they are on, but on my GM if you drive with the brake on it dings at you?
  6. T

    2001 Exp S.T. Turn Signal Relay

    Here is a good one. I have a 2001 Explorer Sport Trac V6. My turn signal relay starts to click as soon as I turn on the key, no the turn signal is not activated from column. If I push on the brake it stops. It all started when I heard a relay chatter from under the dash, it sounded like a...
  7. L

    Low to No Radio Signal-

    Hello To All, I’m trying to Fix a problem for my Boss at Work- He Has a 1996 Ford Explorer, V8, AWD, w/ JBL Factory System (6 Disk CD Changer & Sub). The Radio Signal is... <<<<<Very-Very-Week>>>>> but the Power Antenna Works and Looks just as it Should. He Had a New Kenwood CD...