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slipping transmission

  1. M

    HELP!! Lost All Gears in Sport Trac

    So my 02 Sport Trac has 178k miles on it. I use it as a spare vehicle now so it does not get driven much. Only 4k miles last year. Runs Great never any problems with transmission. About a year ago I found the Tranny Cooler Line had a leak, so i repaired it and topped it off with a half quart...
  2. PODHokie

    5R55E Trans - RPM's constant, speed increasing

    I have a 1999 Sport and when I'm accelerating (like on an on-ramp or something) I noticed the engine speed will stay constant at about 3000RPM, while the vehicle speed increases until it reaches a shift point and then it shifts fine. I can feel it going through the gears, but under acceleration...
  3. K

    My 2004 Explorer Tranny Nightmare... hoping this Lucas will help.

    EDIT: Can a mod please move this to the transmission board. Thanks! /End Edit 2004 Stock Explorer - Purchased around 80k miles from the Ford Dealership. No clue if the ATF had ever been changed. Like a noob, I didn't change the ATF or filter when I got it. I just drove that sucker -- a lot. I...
  4. G

    my 1994 ford explorer transmission is slipping??

    My 1994 ford explorer is slipping. When I start it I put it in reverse (because thats how I leave) and I have to give it more gas and then it catches and jerks and then on the road and then slips again and again and then it'll stop after awhile.
  5. A

    help dont know what to do next trying to fix slipping gears

    Ok i don't know much about mechanics other than what info i learned from do it myself jobs & from asking others what their opinions are, and internet. i have 95 ford explorer 4x4 and its been having difficulties shifting from 2nd and 3rd while driving.And the speedometer gets stuck at 50mph or...
  6. C

    AWD - Trans Problems

    Hello All, just got an 03 AWD eddie bauer, it has a rebuilt trans about 10k ago. I pulled the front drive shaft and it has issues of high revving/rpms and the speedo climbs to about 20-25mph as the explorer slowly rolls forward from a dead stop. once its rolling and moving it seems good to go...
  7. D

    Tranny Slips In Reverse

    I have a 98 explorer XLT, 4 door, 2/4 wheel drive. At first my tranny would slip when I put it in reverse now and again. On its own, the car would not shift into reverse, I would have to shift to other gears such as drive and park and then back to reverse in order to get it into reverse. As...
  8. A

    Transmission wont shift

    Hoping someone can assist me with this. I have a 1997 Explorer with the 4.0 V6 and I've had it parked for over a year now. I occasionally start it and drive it around my neighborhood to keep the battery charged. I have noticed that it took a few seconds to engage reverse and once it did it...