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    Please Help!!! Speedo at 100mph while going 40 mph in GPS (w/video)

    Hi everyone i hade a problem with my Explorer 2002 XLS 4x4, the speedo is showing 100mph while in reality going 40 mph in GPS, then if i go faster than that, the begins to bounce the revs. Please any suggestion for this problem. there is a video attached. Thanks a lot!
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    4r70w swap. New issues

    Hi, I lurk a lot and usually find my answers. Not this time. I have a 1996 Explorer xlt 5.0 2wd. I recently swapped my transmission. The donor transmission was from a wrecked 2001 f150 4.2l 2wd. I swapped over the mlps, and both speed sensors. It gets better mpg, runs and drives better than it...
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    Speedo inop & gauges geeking out

    2003 Mountaineer I'm diagnosing some idle issues and my speedo isn't working and when I turn the ignition to the on position (without starting), the gauges all max out briefly before returning to normal. I do have the cruise control disconnected from the throttle body because the cable seemed to...
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    Speedometer is off by 20km/hr (12mph)

    Hello. My speedometer is off by 20 km/h (12 mp/h) no mater what speed I travel. The odometer on the GPS matched the truck's odometer. Took a trip with GPS and the speed was off right from the start, the speedometer face starts at 20 km/h but the needle starts moving as soon as the car...
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    Rev Per Mile - Speedo Calibration

    I installed 265 75 16 on my 2000 with the stock size was 255 70 16 So I figured out with the Ford IDS Scan Tool that with my new size tire is 658 rev per mile and the stock was 290. I then used the NGS tool to program the PCM to the new rev per mile of 258. I am comparing my speedo to my...
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    Weird Speedometer problem 2012 Base Explorer

    Last month I bought a used 2012 Ford Explorer Base model. A week ago it really rained a lot! And I park outside. I noticed that my passenger side front carpet was soaking wet. I mean a lot, almost a puddle. I took it to the Ford dealership where I bought it and they are going to fix the leaking...
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    shifting problems,rough idle,4x4 light and o/d light flashing

    Ok , Ive searched the forums and the web, My 97 is going crazy. * Problems: shifts at incorrect times, idles rough or shuts off, 4x4 light comes on, and o/d light flashes. I get a code for VSS when using scan tool. * I already tried: replaced VSS, replaced speedo gear, replaced all fluids...
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    Wanted KPH conversion

    I'm looking to convert my 2001 Explorer XLT from MPH to KPH. Does anyone have any idea where I can get the parts required? I've tried contacting my local Ford dealership and they err not able to help me.
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    speedo jumping issues

    alright on my 93 xlt explorer with decent acceleration, my speedometer jumps around 30 to 35, then again from 40 to around 50 (between gear shifts) like it hesitates, then flies up a few mph. It did the 30 to 35 awhile ago and thought nothing of it, but recently started at 40 and so on. Is it...
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    Speedo read 5mph over at all times

    I dont know whats wrong with it but my speedo always reads 5mph over. I have 235/75/15 tires on just as the door sticker says. someone told me there may be an ajustment wheel under the dash and that i can just click it a few notches. Anyone here ever head of that or have any other ideas?? :salute: