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temperature gauge

  1. White Shift Indicator W Green Film

    White Shift Indicator W Green Film

  2. Temp Gauge Close Up

    Temp Gauge Close Up

  3. Temp Cluster

    Temp Cluster

  4. Temp Cluster Differences

    Temp Cluster Differences

  5. Temp Cluster Back Side

    Temp Cluster Back Side

  6. Original Gauge

    Original Gauge

  7. Original Gauge With Temp Cluster Removed

    Original Gauge With Temp Cluster Removed

  8. Original Gauge Minus Cover

    Original Gauge Minus Cover

  9. Original Gauge Cover Options

    Original Gauge Cover Options

  10. Original Gauge Back Side

    Original Gauge Back Side

  11. New Gauge Needles

    New Gauge Needles

  12. New Cluster Installed

    New Cluster Installed

  13. K

    07 Explorer temperature gauge spikes, then falls after flushing noise

    Hi all, First post so apologies in advance if I do something wrong! I have a 2007 Ford Explorer, Eddie Bauer. A little over a year ago, I experienced some problems where I would hear a big rush of air/noise at or near the front dash, and when I pressed on the accelerator, the noise would...
  14. A

    Temperature gauge issues.

    Hey guys, So about two weeks ago, I was driving my van for the first time in a couple hours, and after about 5 minutes I happened to look down at the temperature gauge. Normally the van takes about that long or a little longer to start warming up, so I was surprised when the temp reading was...
  15. G

    06 Explorer Makign Vacuum Sounds, Engine Temp Erratic

    Ok, I purchased my pre-owned 2006 Ford Explorer about a 1 1/2 years ago. When i go my car with about 36k miles on it, it would occasionally make a loud THUD sound when the vehicle was put into reverse. Not with any other gear but reverse. This sound seems to happen more often when I start the...
  16. Z

    temp gauge starts at the middle when cold then works its way to hot

    i replaced the thermostat, sender sensor, gauge sensor, refilled the coolant and now i am out of ideas. would there be a short some where in the gauge sensor cable? and how could this be tested? maybe a fuse somewhere or maybe a new way to wire in an aftermarket one
  17. 9

    Bad temp gauge

    Good morning all! Was recently gifted a 1995 Explorer and it's the best free vehicle I've ever owned. 120k miles, runs well & no major problems. As a jeep fan I think I'm gonna have to stuff my 'Exploder' epithet, as this is a sweet little truck. First mystery to solve: Swinging Temp Gauge...