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v8 explorer

  1. KurtECV

    The Black Pearls LM7 5.3 LS SWAP!

    SO I guess the time has came early for my 5.3L LS swap on The Black Pearl!! LET THE HATE BEGIN!!! I have a buddy that is a drag-racer but started working for a shitty speed shop in the area and now he is burnt out from engines and all that; He is getting into guns and i have built a few ARs...
  2. CamDJClimited

    96 Explorer V8 Exhaust Manifold Question

    So I'm about to change the drivers side exhaust manifold, but I need to know can I do the whole job through the engine bay and wheel well? I know the bolts should come right out because I had my mechanic check the gasket a couple weeks ago. But can I do the job by just working in the wheel well...
  3. L

    just bought another Explorer

    Hello all I just wanted to let every one know that I just picked up an addtion to the Explorer family. I bought a 96 2wd 5.0L Explorer A/T with 144k on the clock fully loaded leather power moonroof XLT it has tow package w/ 3.73 LS rear full sway bars all the way around runs great. you can...
  4. 0

    need connecting rod for 2002 v8

    yeah i need a connecting rod for a 2002 ford explorer xlt 4x4 v8 anywhere i can get a brand new one online and also im leaking oil from somewhere but its not my oil pan any ideas?
  5. C

    CHIEF Is Almost a 302!!!!!! 91 XLT SAS In the process of 302 and T-5 Swap!!

    Hello Everyone! It's Chief here, Aka: Tim. I started with this pitifull excuse of a motor called a V6 and even more of a dissapointment This POS A4LD tranny! This will all be a nightmare that ended real soon:D