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  1. M

    Vibration When Braking

    When I brake, especially if going over 40MPH or so, the front end seems to vibrate quite a bit. My brake pads aren't in the best condition and I have a new set of rotors and pads coming next week (ugh, I hate shipping time). Does it sound like something new rotors and pads might fix?
  2. J

    Explorer stuck in 4X4 High??

    Hello, I recently posted a thread about a nasty vibration with my explorer while accelerating and I noticed something with my 4X4 system and I'm not sure if this is an issue or not. I have a 2001 Explorer XLT (4.0l SOHC) and when I bought it the 4X4 lights would flash about 6 times every...
  3. P

    grinding under front left tire

    For a few months now my husband and I have been trying to figure out what's wrong with my car. It's a 2005 explorer rear wheel drive advanced track rsc. I drove it round trip 300 miles about a month ago and the entire trip the car vibrated like crazy so we took it to the shop and they replaced...
  4. P

    Best rotors for my type of driving ?

    Greetings, Looking to replace the front rotors on my 08 LTD. Pads were done at 63K in 2011. Rotors MAY have been done but may have also been turned instead, I am not sure but this was done at the dealer as a condition of purchasing the car. (Getting rid of the pulsing). 87k on the clock...
  5. M

    Strange Symptom of an unknown problem

    Need help! I have a 1997 Explorer XLT. I am experiencing rough idling and stalling. Known Code: P0113 Startup: RPM will begin to fall to 500-800. Depending on the temperature, it will stall occasionally during the first 30 seconds. Shifting to DRIVE: The RPM will slightly drop and...
  6. S

    1998 EB Explorer vibrating

    Hi, I drove my Explorer Sunday and it was fine but Tuesday when I started driving to work it started vibrating. No noises, maybe a little louder which led me to believe it was an exhaust issue but it's not. My co-worked checked the spark plugs and wires and said they seem to be ok. I'm a female...
  7. P

    08 Explorer dual heat blower noise (Mr Mousie's wild ride)

    SO I get in the car last night for the first time in about a week. Aways down the road, I turn the heater fan on low. I hear a very faint tick tick tick. I speed it up and it sounds like when you were a kid and you put baseball cards in your spokes to make your bike sound like a motorcycle...