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2002 Billet Grille/ Please Help!!!


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December 9, 2001
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2003 Limited 4x4 V8
I'm going insane trying to decide which one to buy. I have searched everywhere including ebay, stull, truckperformance, street scenes, and God knows what else. I also don't understand which ones will be the "cut out", "replace the grill", or just "bolt over". I don't think i want the "bolt over" version.

The cheapest i have found was of course ebay.


I really want one like this.

Problem is that i don't know what's going to acually look good. I want one that looks like this:


Or this:


Don't really care...I just want either polished or chrome. Chrome not so much because of the price. But at the same time as long as i find one that i like then price is not an object.

If you have any experience with grilles that look similar to the ones i want the shout at me.

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I have the first one you posted. I bought it because it was cheap. IT looks good and it replaces the stock grill. It does not go over it. Brad is currently running with the T rex grill, I would suggest that one. It also replaces the stock grill. Good luck!

I bought mine from T-rex.. it has the moldings around .. a lil pricer.. but it was easier to install.. had to drill like 2 holes i think. and mounted great. its also very sturdy

How much did you all pay for the T-Rex? Where did you order from?

explorer4x493 said:
How much did you all pay for the T-Rex? Where did you order from?

I ordered it from Stylinconcepts.com. It was $140 shipped.

They originally had it priced for $139, and wanted $10 for shipping. I found it on Mytightride.com for $130 + $12 shipping, and Stylinconcepts matched the base price and saved me two bucks on shipping.

I didn't look too hard, so it may be out there for less. They actually have an option for one that requires no cutting and just lays over the stick grill, but it costs more and doesn't look as good, imo.

Okay, I just got my T-rex and I'm a little disappointed. It shipped in a cardboard box without any kind of padding at all. Some of the bars are crooked. And the directions SUCK royally. It came with these rivet things and doesn't explain how to use them. It has three screws to hold it in place, but I think it may need more than that. If anyone else has installed this and can offer any advice, I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

I don't want to steal your thread but does anybody know where to get this grill on on the side where the fog lights should go?

It's custom, nobody makes em

There is a japanese manufacturer I believe that makes them, give me a few days to try and track it down.

There is a japanese manufacturer I believe that makes them, give me a few days to try and track it down.


i know this thread is a few years old, but did you ever track down the manufacturer that makes those custom parts? I'm really looking to dress up the front of my 02...

fog light billet grilles

i have a set of those fog light grilles....i bought mine off of ebay like a yr ago...there on there every once and a while so u just have to keep checking...