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2004 explorer xlt front axle nut size?


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September 19, 2014
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Martinsville, Indiana
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2004 ford explorer XLT
I'm getting everything in order to replace both front hub assemblies on my truck and I can't seem to find a definite answer as to what size the axle nuts are on the 2004 explorer XLT. Any ideas? I've got both complete hubs, and new axle nuts all on order, just needing to get the socket for the axle nut ordered if I already don't have the correct size. Thanks in advanced guys!
Was debating on just throwing on new front axles at the same time but they seem to be in good shape, minus the extremely rusted ends.

Quick pic of the kind shape my hubs are in! Pretty nasty!

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It'll either be a 35mm or a 36mm. I believe everyone will say 35, however, a 35 simply wouldn't fit on mine (and mine had zero rust) so I used a 36mm.

Ignore this info above.

Edit: took another look based on [MENTION=163099]mall[/MENTION]. The back is supposed to be 36mm, but mine is 35mm.

BUT, the front socket is supposed to be 30mm. However, I had to use a 29mm as 30mm was too big.

I trust makuloco2000, but mine simply isn't a 32mm. Mine are OE and the Dorman aftermarket says 30mm as well.

I just checked mine and 30mm is a little loose on the front nut , I am not sure about the back, I could not find the socket that I used, but it is significantly bigger than 32mm.

Well, I definitely looked at this post too late! heh, I ordered new OEM axle nuts and just received them in the mail today. Took them to the parts store and matched them to a 36mm deep well socket, come home and out of curiosity tried it on my front axle nuts on my truck and of course, the socket is way too big.

Sounds like they gave you nuts for the rear.

Yea, I believe they are. However, they fit nicely on the front as well. The diameter where the axle nut sist on the hub is identical. Just different heads, for some reason?
Sounds like they gave you nuts for the rear.

Was able to pull them off with a 29mm.....barely. Due to the rust the 29mm definitely did not want to fit on either of them!