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2004 sport trac programmer help!!!


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April 19, 2013
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Monroeville, Alabama
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I have a 04 sport trac and i'm looking for a programmer. I want a superchips programmer but they say they dont make one. They offer one for the explorer but not the sport trac wtf. I've seen people with them on here. Please help me!!!!!!

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an explorer is the same. differences are small and dont even pertain to programming really. obvious difference longer wheel base and truck bed. as far as drivetrain and such its identicle to a 2nd gen explorer.

only real issue you might have is if you run flex you will have to quit as most 2nd are non-flex, also make sure your sploder tune s for the 4.0 SOHC motor

Superchips does make a tuner for the st. I have the Cortex tuner. You just have to get the one for Fords.

So when I get one just get one for the explorer mineis flexfuel but they showed for the 04 explorer with flex fuel. I just dont want a 350 dollar paper weight. Have you had any problems when you programmed yours? With it being a sport trac?

I am not sure what you are talking about. When I bought mine, Superchips had one for Fords, one for chevys, and one for dodge and that is it. The Cortex 1950 is designed for all fords. I love my tuner, I noticed more power right after installing, though that is not what I bought it for. I bought it to make the trans shift better and it helps a lot. Hope this helps! I have read a lot of good things about the sct tuner too.

i personally bought a SCT X cal 3. as for the flex fuel i wouldnt recommend running flex on any low octane tune. E85 is around 107 octane if i recall hence the piss poor economy on it

Can you update your superchips programmer online with out any problems? With it being a sport trac instead of an explorer.

I am not sure. The box says that you can do updates via internet but I have not tried. Also, I do not believe e85 has lower mpg due to a high octane rating. I can not say why e85 provides such poor mileage but from my own experiences I have noticed much higher mileage out of a higher octane fuel. I average 18-19 on 87 and over 20mpg on 91.

I'm not worried about the e85 part of it because it's not even offered in my area. I was looking at superchips site and it said to update the programmer before you installed it in the truck. I'm just a little gun shy of ordering it and it not linking up with my vehicle because superchips keep saying they dont offer one for my vehicle. Ive used their chips before in my other trucks but never a programmer so this is new to me.