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Performance parts


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November 23, 2008
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2004 sport trac xlt
I need some help with getting my sport trac to have more power and be faster!!!! So far i have a k&n cold air intake, superchips programmer, and custom exhaust(running from the cat back duals) I have been trying to find a MAF but cant find one anywhere any idea? and has anyone tackled the problem of the 3k rev limiter in park? i would like to tack higher when piping off. and is there anyway to convert from 5 lug to 6 lug?

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4.0 sohc, already have talked to superchips they said they dont move the rev limiter in park or neutral( i heard the x cal 2 will any truth behind that?) Superchips also has made me very mad, they have the worest customer service ive ever had to deal with.

Underdrive pullies are another great performance mod for you.

What programmer did you use? Do you like it? Results?

flashpaq model 1815, i liked it when i first got it, but now it seems to cross tune Half stock half performance, and their customer service sucks, they talk to you like you are a fricken idiot.