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2005 Explorer 4.0 XLT AdvanceTrac RSC - PROBLEMS???


January 30, 2002
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92 Explorer
We are looking at purchasing a 2005 4.0L XLT with AdvanceTrac RSC. We are not familiar with the ATrac system, has anyone had any problems with them or with the 2005 in general?

We bought a 2003 Expedition last year and all we have had was problems with it (doors rattle, paint bubbling on back lift, popping noise in back vents etc). It sounds like 2003 was an odd ball, but we don't want to purchase an 05 Expy if there is alot of problems especially with the Advance Trac system, which we don't know much about.

Thanks in advance.


1992 Explorer
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2003 Expedition

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05 is one of the best years to buy.

I bought a 05 used it has been a good Explorer have not had any problems love it

I've got an 05 Explorer and it's been bullet-proof. Far and away the most trouble-free of the third generation years.

Have had my 05 for 2.5 years. Almost trouble free. One front pinion seal and two front struts.

Really? 2005 Explorer Advance Trac RSC. Well we may have a problem and I'm suspicious that it had an accident mot reported. Anyway, we have also heard about the heater problem. The clicking noise made when the doors to allow the heat into the interior means they cannot open. And from what I've read, there are many people complaining about this problem. I am trying to find a shop manual for this vehicle - my husband has been keeping our vehicles running for years, but this problem has him stumped. And when he was told by a service repair man that the whole console would have to be removed, he got suspicious. I did find a possible manual from Books4cars.com, may have to wait for several weeks to receive it.

The blend door actuator is extremely easy to replace, check the stickies in this forum.

You do need to remove the center console, but you can do it yourself with pretty common tools and it should take about two hours.