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2005 Explorer Transmission Fluid Level

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August 31, 2015
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15 miles west of Tampa Florida
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2005 Ford Explorer XLT
I always braze these with 15% silver.
1) That's what I use in my day job, so using a little dab of it is almost free.
2) I'm good at brazing.
3) I have the right tools (abrasives, flux, brazing sticks, torches).
4) It always works. (Excellent mechanical strength and no leaks.)


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October 18, 2010
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Camas, Washington
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03 EB, 97 XLT, 95 XLT
I hope you did not take my post as being demeaning in any way. It's of course impossible to know the degree of posters' experience or what equipment they may have available to them.

I simply thought about the first automatic pan I dropped, my Dad's '55 Merc., and it used a fill-tube almost identical to what I dreamed up. imp

Oh not at all. It was a generous offer.
I rarely braze. Even repairing refrigerators that are low on freon I just
use a tight slip-joint made from an inner tube schrader valve nozzle then soldered with high tin solder. Works great and in future years you can top
off the freon again (never needed to yet) If something needs strength and be leak proof I use the MIG welder.
My idea of using a compression gasket is not new. I've seen it done before on
things and it's capable of being leak proof. BTW the oil check tube on my Explorer uses only a rubber grommet setup.