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2006 Stereo Delay wire


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February 10, 2005
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08 Expedition Limited
Hey guys. I currently have my xm commander hooked up to my factory Single MP3 cd player in my 06. I have the power for the XM coming from the battery lead off the stereo and then 12 switched source coming from the 12 volt switch for the stereo. The question I have is when I shut off the car the stereo stays on but the XM will turn off.

I pulled the Stereo out and tested some wires. Found that the radio switched 12 volt source turns off with the key. Which is not the way it is on the 02 Explorer. There is another harness that goes to the other side of the stereo that controls the Delay. There are only 2 wires that only have half power at all times.

If you just plug in the main harness and not that secondary, the stereo will turn off and on with the key with no delay after the key is pulled. The power windows will still work like they do until u open a door.

I would like to have the xm stay on with the normal radio delay. Also if I want to install an aftermarket HU with GPS or DVD or something I want that delay feature to still work. Is that even possible? Help/ Ideals needed Thanks guys.