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3rd Gen Steering wheel control wire


January 21, 2006
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02 Limited
I installed and aftermarket stereo in my 02 Limited today.

I bought and adapter to maintain the steering wheel controls. The instructions for the SWC adapter say to connect to pin 14 of the factory wiring harnes.

The factory stereo plug looks different than the SWC adapter diagram.

Which color wire on the factory radio harness to I need to cut to connect the SWC adapter too?

Some of the search results indicated it might be the yellow wire, but I wasn't sure.

Thanks for your help.

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A big thank you to ncranchero who emailed me the radio wiring diagrams.

The ealry and late builds 02's use the yellow wire from the radio harness to the steering wheel controls.

I have a 2004 and looking for the same wire. did the diagram show which wire(s) go into the interface for a 2004?
Did you you need the thrid plug that goes into the unit (mine has 4 wires)?


also wondering the same. theres two car harnesses and my aftermarket hooks up to the narrower one with more wires. Which yellow wire are you talking about and can i get a diagram?

Dead thread spot on question no reply

2005 limited have steering wheel controls

I believe pin 14 yellow is the wire

Only others in the connector that are not used in the radio upgrade are a yellow gray and a white with black stripe

Question is this a voltage signal?

. Resistance?

I couldn't get that to show any life with a multi meter when pushing the up down volume key

The key to change sources, not even started on that

An old thread but may be useful for any 3'rd gens still going.

The the SWC key wire is the yellow wire, Pin 14 (bottom right) of the connector.
This image is from AXXESS install manual:

Also, ran into an issue with new head unit install. Using these budget Chinese models, most are natively compatible with this resistive type control. An aftermarket interface module is not required. But for the newest one, while I could program the buttons fine the behavior was very erratic. After some trial and error the fix was to add a 4.7kΩ resistor with the radio's Key1 wire. (If there is a Key2 it's not used). First tried a 2.7kΩ but apparently still needed more resistance. Depending on model of aftermarket head unit you may need to experiment with exact value.

To my knowledge there is no harness adapter for this 14-Pin plug so I just fold the legs of the resistor over 2-3x and add a dab of solder. Typically all that's required to make a snug pin fitment.