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4r70w wiring conflict help


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May 23, 2008
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98 Ranger 5.0
I just did a 5.0 swap from a Mountie to my Ranger. They are both 98's. I used a 96 pcm to get around the PATS issues. Everything is working fine except if I plug in the DTR sensor the tranny won't shift out of first. I have changed it out twice hoping it was the problem. Luckily one day I started the truck and unpluged the DTR and it shifts but I don't think it is shifting like it should. That kinda tells me the pcm doesn't know that the tranny is in drive so it doesn't let it shift. So now I have a DTR wire tied to the frame in the park postion so I can drive it. My question is does anyone know if the problem mught lie in the fact that I am trying to run a 98 tranny with a 96 pcm or it might just be the tranny wiring harness' are different between the two years? I have all the PATS stuff I was going to install it in my truck if I can't find another answer soon. I have wiring diagrams for the 98 stuff but not for the 96/97 stuff before Pats. any help with this will be greatly appreciated,,,Neil

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Here's my diagram from when I put the '99 tranny in my '96. Maybe it'll help. :confused:

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thanks, I will check that out to see if it will work for me...Neil

Neil the 96 computer is expecting to see a different DTRS (Digital transmission range sensor) because the 96 model is actually an anolog signal, the 98+ is true digital.

They are different part numbers,

There are also some slight wiring changes in the pin locations for the 96 to 98 which means you need to actually move some wires around at the big connector on the PCM (if you used a 98 wiring harness) and possibly at the big square transmission plug

You also need to purchase a 96 style DTRS and bolt it to your transmission

I went through all of this when I put a pre pats 5.0L drivetrain in my 1988 Bronco II

Good luck!

I suggest two ways to attack this:
1. get the 96 and 98 wiring manuals and compare ( you need to convert your 98 wiring to match your 96 pcm) then get the 96 style DTRS

2. have the pats system removed from the 98 PCM and use it

Section did you use the DTRS from the 99 transmission or the 96?

I used the 98 DTR, you can have a pcm reflashed to not look for PATS? on the PATS system, I was going over the wiring diagram for this and it appears that there are two wires going from the PATS module to the PCM to tell it it sees the proper key and it's ok to run and these wires happen to be spiced into two of the wires that go to the OBD2 connector. Does anyone know what the PCM is looking for from the PATS module to allow things to run? Could it be as simple as a contact closure? I am thinking about taking all the PATS stuff to work and see what the module is sending to the PCM, if it's just a contact closure it would be easy to put a jumper in there on the OBD2 connector and skip putting all that junk I don't want on my truck on my truck....Neil

I am interested also, I plan to stick an Explorer operating system in my 91 Mark VII some day.

I agree with Jamie, and section, compare the DTRS input wires between years like the chart listed above for 96 - 99 models. I think I'll choose the 96/97 PCM and skip the PATS module.

I didn't know that the DTRS for the older models was so different from the later, I thought it was just wiring. Is it clear which style is better, the older or newer style? That might be a deciding factor as to which PCM and DTRS to use. Regards,