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5.0 Exhaust - choosing one that doesn't lose torque?


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September 20, 2000
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96 XLT
Hi all,

I know the exhaust topic gets beat to death, but I searched and couldnt find the answer I'm looking for.

I just bought an Explorer 5.0, and it is all stock except for a K&N filter. I do not plan to modify the engine much. I want to get a cat-back exhaust that will improve hp, but I dont want to lose torque. I know on Mustangs, dual 2.25" pipes are standard. But all I can find for cat-back systems is single 2.5" (dynomax) and single 3" (borla).

I would like to get a shop to do a custom cat-back system consisting of dual flowmaster (3 chambers) and dual 2.25" pipes. Will this flow too good and make me lose torque?



Dont quote me on this but I believe that the stock exhaust system on an explorer is also 2.25". I have the gibson cat-back on my 93 and the pipes are 2.5". Since you have the 5.0, i would go no bigger than 3". Hope this helps.